Four get 20 years imprisonment in Nepalese woman gang-rape case

Kolkata: Almost three years back, a 24-year-old Nepalese girl, who has moved in to Kolkata in search of a better livelihood was abducted from the Sector V, a hub for IT and Call Centre professionals, as she was trying to locate Chaye Break Restaurant, for which she sought the help of a local. Minutes later, the same man with three more came in a White Tata Sumo car and pulled her into the moving vehicle, where she was repeatedly gang-raped by the accused for nearly four hours as the vehicle kept moving from one location to another in and around sector V.

“As they raped her they even discussed their plan of killing the girl, but at that very time she managed to get down from the car and somehow escaped from them. One of mobile phone of accused fell down from the car as she jumped out of the car, while one of the accused took away her mobile phone, gold chain, and cash of Rs. 20000,” Bivas Chatterjee, the public prosecutor in this case.

The prosecution in this case relied upon 23 witnesses, 90 exhibits and 82 material exhibits.

“Though it was evident from the medical investigation that the girl had been gang raped, mobile played a key role in this case. Not only was the girl able to see their faces of the accused because of the mobile light but also the mobile swapping that happened during the girl’s escape from the car, helped the prosecution to establish the fact that at the time of crime, both the phones were in the same location. We did this by mapping the tower location of the two phones during the specified time period,” elaborated Chatterjee.

He added that he had presented 200 pages of written argument and over 450 judgments before the trial court.

All the four accused under section 366, 376D, 376(2) (n), 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) have been sentenced for 20 years of imprisonment. A penalty of 1.60 lakh needs to be paid by the accused to the survivour. She will also be given a compensation of Rs 5 lakh by the State as per section 357 A of the IPC.

The judgment is important as a foreigner was raped in the commercial hub of Kolkata. A huge number of women are employed in the multi-national companies in Sector V. Hence, many believe that this judgment will set an example and deter miscreants from repeating such offence across India.


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  1. Excellent coverage on’ Nepalese woman gang-rape case’ which have also published in leading newspapers. I want to draw your kind attention as regards to bribery procedure which has now a days spread like wild fire in every corner of the Alipore Civil and Criminal court and being adopted by court staffs openly which includes Peskars, peons, office clerks etc. and it affects the common man’s life primarily to a great extent. An exclusive story in this matter and its publication in social media is very much important. Please do the same if possible.

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