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After threats, daughters of the Kashmiri doctor face discrimination in Kolkata

Kolkata: Parents of six-year-old Aabheri (name changed on request) didn’t have the answers to the question raised by her, as she descended from their car. Aabheri, a Class I student in a reputed missionary school in central Kolkata was asking question related to the change of attitude of people around her, to which her mother simply replied – “Circus hochchey maa (A circus is going on)”.

Aabheri, is one of the daughter of South Kolkata’s cardiologist Dr M S Kabir (name changed on request). Dr Kabir and his family have been alienated by those with whom they were friendly even a week back. The Pulwama attack last Thursday has changed everything. He has even been threatened by the saffron brigade to leave the city.

“Yesterday the mother of one of my daughter’s friend with whom she used to avail pool car services for school, called to say that they would be going separately. Her explanation being – what would happen if the pool car was bombed. She would be losing her daughter,” informed the cardiologist, while recalling the conversation.

His wife sullenly stated how everything had changed. “Not even a single person either from our apartment or from our friend’s circle called up to ask about our well being. It is as if we have done a grave mistake,” said the shaken mother, who is a school teacher.

Dr Kabir didn’t go for his morning walk or to his chamber, on Monday. His family in Kashmir is worried for their well-being and is insisting that they leave Kolkata.

Meanwhile, in their school on Monday, Dr Kabir’s elder daughter Ayesha (name change) a class III student, felt uncomfortable. “Most of my school friends were gazing at me differently. They had questions and curiosity about me. But they did not talk to me,” she said.

They family got so scared that they reached out to the West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights (WBCPCR).

The couple met Ananya Chakraborti, chairperson of WBCPCR. She has extended her support and has promised to extend all possible help if need be. “If anything happens in school we are there to help,” said Chakraborti.

While Soumitra Roy, a member of WBCPCR and was once associated with famous Bangla Band Bhumi said, “You can come and stay at my place at Ballygunge. I have two rooms. We would be very happy.”

However, family did not discuss the issue with school authorities as of now. Kolkata police has deployed police personnel at Dr Kabir’s apartment since yesterday.

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