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Mob uses police stick to beat Ramgarh lynching victim

Ramgarh: Jharkhand police, who, was being applauded for saving a dairy farmer from getting lynched in Giridih, is in the docks over the recent lynching of Alimuddin Ansari in Ramgarh.

Like in the Giridih incident, the Ramgarh police had reach the spot when mob was thrashing the 42-year-old Alimuddin. However, in this case, they did not try to save him. The family, alleged that not only police was present there when the mob was beating Alimuddin, but the mob had taken stick from police to beat Alimuddin leading to his death later.

“Police was involved in it. They (mob) took danda from prasasan (police) to kill Alimuddin Ansari,” said Shama Perween, daughter of Alimuddin to the media on Friday.

Wife of Alimuddin, Maryam Khatoon said that they do not want any compensation but justice.

“Today, they killed my father, tomorrow they will kill others,” reacted Shama.

The family mentioned one Chotu Verma, Deepak Mishra and Pappu Yadav as the main accused for the brutal murder.

While the local place role is in question, the senior ones have resorted to the character assassination of the victim.

Alimuddin, was beaten to death on Thursday morning over rumours of him carrying beef.

The same day when Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke his silence over lynching and told in Gujarat that, “Killing in the name of cow worship is not acceptable.”

It was second, back to back case of mob lynching by cow vigilants in Jharkhand, within a time span of 48 hours. On Tuesday, Usman Ansari’s house had been set ablaze and he was beaten severely when his own cow’s dead body was found near his house. The carcass was mutilated, and there was no clue on how it happened.

Alimuddin, a resident of Nai Sarai, Ramgarh was travelling in his vehicle when he was chased on the basis of a rumor – that he was carrying beef. Soon, the vehicle was set ablaze and he was beaten badly. Police claimed that they reach on the spot and took Alimuddin to the hospital, from where he was referred to Ranchi. It was here that he succumbed to his injuries.

After the postmortem, family initially refused to accept the dead body from the police. A large number of women even gheroed the Ramgarh police station on Thursday night and were demanding the arrest of cow-terrorists.

Local police claimed, that when Alimuddin was rescued, he could walk. And that he had died due to shock, said SDPO Shashi Prakash, published in Hindustan Times.

The spokesperson of Jharkhand police RK Mallick, went ahead and even claimed that, Alimuddin’s murder was due to some professional rivalry, and that he had a criminal record.

However, all the reports after the incident claimed that those accused of lynching are history-sheeters.

“What is more alarming in this case is, that, it took place at market place, it did not happen in rural or in interiors. And the allegation of family on the role of police is a serious charge, it should be investigated,” CPI-ML leader Vinod Singh told eNewsroom.

Singh also added, “It has been a trend across India that whenever lynching takes place, a case first get lodged against victim itself. Such thing cannot happen without police’s complicity. And now Jharkhand police is informing the media officially that the victim has criminal records. But no charges against the victim can justify the killing.”

Only a week ago, in Chatra district, Jharkhand Police, killed a Muslim youth in cold blood. The police called the boy from his residence, took him to a secluded spot and pumped bullets into him.

And in another two major incidents near Jamshedpur, seven people had been lynched while police present on the spot did little to save the victims.

In Jharkhand, Giridih police remains to be the only exception, of the state executive, to have averted such a situation, twice.

Shahnawaz Akhtar

is Founder of eNewsroom. He loves doing human interest, political and environment related stories.

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