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BJP didn’t allow the delegates we sent to enter UP but their leaders come and do rallies in Bengal- Mamata

Kolkata: A day after BJP national working president JP Nadda alleged that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee didn’t nothing for the betterment  of the Matua community and instead played with the sentiments of the Matuas, Banerjee during one of her anti-CAA and anti-NRC rallies claimed that she had worked for the upliftment of the community, about which BJP is not aware of.

“I had taken charge of Boroma’s (Binapani Devi) treatment for last 30 years. I have formed the Matua Welfare Board and even set up the Matua University. BJP is playing dirty votebank politics in the name of Matua community but everyone knows the truth,” mentioned Banerjee.

Mamata in NRC protest

On the sixth day of continuous protest against CAA, Bengal CM walked from Swami Vivekananda’s ancestral home to Gandhi Bhawan.

“Shah is saying that nothing can stop them from implementing NRC across the country on the other side Modi is trying to show the importance of CAA to the world. Modi speaks about clothes and appeasement, how can he say such stuffs, while deviating from important issues? Come what may, we will stand together and NRC, CAA will not be allowed to enter Bengal,” reiterated Banerjee amidst the loud roar of dhol and other traditional instruments.

Speaking about the struggles of people who were compelled for an exodus due to partition of Bengal, the TMC Supremo said that after several struggles and hardships people had established themselves and is the voter in this country but due to BJP they are also being heckled.

“Those who voted for BJP are now illegal infiltrators for them. They should read history first. A new political party constituted in 1980 doesn’t know anything about the rich culture and heritage and history of Bengal. Time has come for them to go, so that other democratic political party can form the central government,” stated Banerjee.

On the violence over NRC issue and breakdown of law and order, Banerjee claimed that the saffron camp always alleges that due to Trinamool Congress government, violence is increasing in Bengal but they turn a blind eye towards the law and order condition of BJP ruled states.

“We had sent a four-member delegation to UP, where seven people have died due to NRC issue. But our delegation was not allowed to go out from the airport. BJP central leaders and ministers come and hold rallies here in Bengal. We don’t don’t raise objections. Yesterday, Nadda held a public meeting cum rally. If we wanted to then we could have stopped them but TMC is a democratic party and we believe in democracy and unity. This shows which political party is democratic and which party fakes to be a democratic one,” mentioned Banerjee.

TMC chief also mocked BJP leaders, for being so ‘fat’ that they cannot even walk the rally and use minidor for rally instead.

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