Can Mahua Moitra and Nusrat Jahan’s firebrand and secular image help TMC sail through turbulent time?

Trinamool Congress (TMC), the party which had been on its back foot since the results of Lok Sabha elections were declared, on May 23. BJP was seen making inroads into TMC’s strongholds in West Bengal in Lok Sabha polls. After 50 days of the results being declared TMC has got many a reason to smile. For not only are the rebel MLAs making a comeback but also the party’s first time Members of Parliament are in news and for good reasons, this time.

TMC MP from Krishnanagar, Mahua Moitra, not only gave an impressive speech inside the Parliament but also put up a furious fight against the plagiarism allegations levelled against her. The former investment banker even moved a privilege motion against Zee TV and its editor for falsely reporting that her first speech had been plagiarised.

So, if Moitra was busy raising questions at the Parliament, Nusrat Jahan, TMC MP from Basirhat was seen winning hearts. The Tollywood actor-turned-politician how missed her oath to tie the knot with her beau Nikhil Jain, wore a saree, sindoor and chura to the Parliament to take her belated oath. She ended her speech with Vande Mataram. Nusrat, who had earlier earned flak for sporting western attire to the Parliament, this time managed to win many a heart.

With both Mahua and Nusrat getting the public attention, mostly for positive reasons, TMC, which is always targeted by the BJP, has definitely brought some relief for the party.

Significantly, with a stellar maiden speech, Mahua definitely has emerged as a leader from Bengal, who can represent both her state and her people in the Parliament. With Mamata donning the CM’s role, the party was definitely lacking a face in the Parliament that could make the Party’s presence felt at a national level.

Interestingly, when the former JP Morgan Chase banker spoke, she managed to strike a balance between intellect and common talk.

The Telegraph which did a story on the TMC MP, wrote, “First-time MP from West Bengal speaking in accessible (read non-Tharoor, non-Aiyar, non-O’Brien) English.”

Also, the way she dealt with the national media while talking about plagiarism charges levelled on her with regards to her maiden speech was commendable. In fact, she replies silenced the media, who love to portray every act of leaders from Bengal in the negative.

Post her maiden speech, she even asked the information and broadcasting ministry to reveal how advertisements were being distributed by the government in the last couple of years. She also challenged Narendra Modi government’s plan to creep into citizen’s private lives.

Her performance inside the parliament has made her both praises and fans on social media. Smitten by her performance, some of her fans are even advocating for her to be made the deputy CM of Bengal, on social media.

Her speech which highlighted the early signs of fascism in India, which earned a great response from the common man, has also made the CPIM attack her, who maintains that her party is doing the same in Bengal.

With Nusrat making an appearance at the Rath Yatra, many have questioned, how the actor’s act is being seen as a secular and progressive move but Mamata going to iftar parties is being portrayed as minority appeasement.

Political observers who are watching TMC keenly believe that the party was losing perception battle against its opponent (BJP) both inside and outside the parliament is gaining a stronger footing.

The recent developments in which both Mahua and Nusrat have managed to shut their trolls and critics definitely brings relief and good news for Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and TMC.

Shahnawaz Akhtar

is Founder of eNewsroom. He loves doing human interest, political and environment related stories.

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