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Remove BJP, to save democracy and farmers: Left Front

Kolkata: The streets of Central Kolkata’s Esplanade got red on Wednesday as 12 days Long March called by the Left Front and INTUC culminated  at Rani Rashmoni road. Over eighteen thousand people mostly farmers from across West Bengal had gathered and shouted slogans against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for implementing NRC forcefully. And also against the different anti-people and anti-farmer policies of the BJP.

In 2018 also, a similar Long March was conducted and had concluded on December 1.

On the occassion, Tapan Sen national general secretary, CITU said that the central government is trying to sell all the industries to foreigners and is not working for the benefits of the people.

“The BJP for having majority is trying to pass several bills which they think is beneficial for the country, but people now came to know their actual intention and won’t support them in implementing them. The BJP government has completely destroyed the labour act too,” said Sen.

Taking a potshot at BJP government all India farmer association general secretary Ashok Dhawale alleged that farmers are being deprived by the saffron camp.

Long March Left Front Kolkata West Bengal Farmers
The farmers at Long March in Kolkata. Courtesy: Ashok Nath Dey

“Farmers are being deprived by the BJP across the country. They are even denied of their basic rights. The farmers’ protest movement has intensified so much that even women in Tamil Nadu have hit the streets. Interest of farmers is being overlooked so they are committing suicide. More than 3.4 lakhs farmers have ended their life as they didn’t manage to make their both ends meet. The BJP and the RSS are trying to sell the country to America’s crème businessmen. BJP and RSS have destroyed the country in just five years in comparison to the damages that took place since independence” said Dhawale.

Dhawale also added that over 10 lakhs workers in automobile sector has lost their job.

“Corporate sector is being tax free. Those who had fled by inappropriating funds over 12.54 thousand crore bank are getting photo clicked with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. NRC and CAB are being used to divide Hindus and Muslims. They are following the footprints of British. All India strike on January 8 called by the farmers will be attended by the farmers across the country and BJP government will see the power of unity,” announced national general secretary of farmers’ association.

Echoing the voice of Dhawale, Santosh Karmakar, a farmer from Singur said that on one side BJP government had destroyed the democratic structure of the country on the other ruling Trinamool Congress in West Bengal is also depriving the farmers by not giving a substitute land for growing crops.

“There are several middlemen for which much of our products goes waste and we do not even get the minimum prices against it. On top of that Prime Minister despite promising subsidy for the farmers didn’t implement it. They are destroying the democracy. Every deprived farmers will attend the protest rally at national capital on January 8 to mount pressure on the BJP,” said Karmakar.

Long March Left Front Kolkata West Bengal Farmers
A farmer with onion cut out during the march. Courtesy: Ashok Nath Dey

While Ashok Bose National General Secretary of UTUC pointed out, “Everyone is thinking that people in hoards come together when rally is called by the Trinamool Congress government. No one thought that the Left- Congress alliance march will also see huge crowd. This is another cause of worry for the chief minister Mamata Banerjee. Common people have right on the constitution but government is spoiling the constitution and is not working for the interest of people.  Government is manipulating the constitution as per their own interest.”

TUCC general secretary, T. Debranjan said on the occassion, “Without consulting, BJP is passing bills as per their choices and is killing the democracy. BJP is selling the country to the foreigners and is purposely keeping people busy so that they cannot hit the streets. NRC in Assam is not accepted even by the Hindus,” mentioned Debranjan.

In the Long March, a simple participant has clear and strong views on the issues India is facing now.  A CPI (M) worker, Ranajoy Sen said that the Left Front will hit the streets more to inform people about the corruption of the saffron camp and also about the negative impacts that the NRC will have if implemented in the country.

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