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Left and Congress burn effigies of Modi-Shah, demands scrapping of CAA and NRC

Kolkata: Burning effigies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah for forcefully implementing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which is now being closely followed by National Population Register (NPR), Left Front and Congress made it clear that they are going to  make their ‘General Strike’ called on January 8, a huge success.

The strike is a way of protesting against CAA, NPR and NRC and also the soaring price of general commodities like onion, the domestic gas and unemployment.

Probal Naskar, a member of workers association, who was participating in the protest rally said, “The prices of commodities like onion LPG gas is rising day by day, thereby affecting the livelihood of people. BJP-led central government is not bothered about these issues. The unemployment rate in every state is also increasing. Instead of addressing these issues they are busy playing divisive and votebank politics. People of the country have now understood the real colour of the saffron camp. This government will not last long.”

Nilkantha Sarbhadikhari of United Trade Union Congress (UTUC), maintained that the alliance between Left and Congress is to continue. He said, “Left Parties have extended their support to all the kisan and agricultural workers’ organisations and civil society movement that have called for a ‘Grameen Bandh’ on January 8. Our protest marches will go on till January 8. If we see that the central government is not scrapping CAA, then we will hold broader protests across the state.”

Jasmin Banu of Forward Bloc, stressed upon the need of the common man to unite and fight the ‘tyrant’ government. She said, “The anti CAA movement has got a special tempo now. The BJP government had indirectly helped the people of the country irrespective of religion to unite and fight the evil. This strike on January 8 is going to be a success as we expect participation of more than 20 crore people in the strike. The BJP will be forced to scrap CAA and NRC.”

The National Open Mass Convention of workers organised by the ten Central Trade Unions, along with unions and associations of various sectors have called for a nationwide general strike on January 8 against the alleged “anti-worker, anti-people, anti-national policies” of the Narendra Modi government, demanding not just scrapping of CAA and NRC but also raising minimum wage to rupees 21,000 per month, pension for all, scrapping of national pension scheme (NPS) and restoration of the old pension scheme.

While burning the effigy of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah near Sealdah, Shuba Ghatak of Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), said, “CAA and NRC is being highlighted mostly in the protest rally as it is the biggest social menace that has been created by the BJP government and also that the INTUC has pledged to highlight other evils and malpractices of the saffron camp during their strike.”

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