Vidyut’s hunt for his lost love is worth a watch

While we know Vidyut Jammwal can pass through a car window easily, what we didn’t was he can keep it simple, be it body language or acting, and can still make you love him

My wife got a call yesterday morning that she lost her aunt to Covid. Later, another call mentioning that her father, despite being a patient of diabetes and other illnesses, rushed to the hospital in the evening to take a last look at his sister. That was love and desperation.

Later, in the night, when I watched this movie, a similar story – which of course, I started watching as an action film – touched my heart due to the love and desperation of a simple man.

Three things first why I liked this movie:

  1. Vidyut Jammwal did act well after of course Force,
  2. Despite being today’s best martial arts genius in the film industry, he did not even for once show any of the styles and techniques while dealing with goons and
  3. The simplicity of the two lead characters worked for me.

The story: Remember Kareena Kapoor’s Talaash: The Hunt Begins? Yes, apart from the one she played a ghost in with Aamir Khan, she did a movie with Akshay Kumar in 2003. Based on the same line, the difference here is the hero goes looking for his wife, while Akshay’s hunt was for his sister. 

Director Faruk Kabir did not go the extra mile to tell us a story that was unbelievable, except the fact that the country in the Middle East named Noman was fictitious.

From the simple presentation to development of a crisis gradually and things getting worse even further to an ordinary man dealing with the situations in his own way worked for me.

Even after the story was predictable, the presentation and a fast screenplay made things really interesting. You may find flaws in accessibility and easy availability of many things to a newbie but teamed with Annu Kapoor, the journey of Sameer Chowdhury (Jammwal) to an unknown country looked smooth and interesting to me.

While acting by Kapoor wasn’t something outstanding as we have seen way better roles played by him, Shiv Pandit and Aahana Kumra did a great job with the accent and a fight scene. Even the damsel is distress Shivaleeka Oberoi and Vipin Sharma in a cameo did a good job.

Talking about the fight scenes, the action sequences were well choreographed, especially the corridor fight scene where Vidyut Jammwal fights at least 20 men to save his heroine. Superb is the word I would use because had it been any other movie where his being ordinary wouldn’t have been the USP, he could have brought down the goon in half the time used here. Good presentation, really appreciate.

Other luggage which seemed unnecessary in the movie were songs, needless characters (in Lucknow) and conversation in Hindi in a foreign country. Overall, from acting to direction to a simple and predictable story, Jammwal as Sameer Chowdhury is nice and definitely can make you love him in his search for his lost love.

P.S: My 1.5-year-old daughter is crazy for the song Bella Ciao and often points at Alvero Morte and calls him “Baba”. Lol! While everyone a few months ago was talking about a remake of Money Heist in Hindi, Aahana definitely has a Kumra (room) for the role of Nairobi. I feel.


Rating: 3.5/5

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