Dozens Crushed by Trains in Heart-Wrenching Railway Mishap in Jharkhand

Bangalore-Yesvantpur Express incident: Panic ensues as train reveals fire. Ang Express passengers jump in panic

Jamtara/Ranchi: In a tragic rail accident on Wednesday evening in Jamtara, Jharkhand, at least 12 people lost their lives after being struck by a train, with about half a dozen others sustaining injuries. The Railway authorities, at present, have officially acknowledged two fatalities. The mishap occurred in Kalajharia near Karmatand, prompting immediate relief and rescue efforts by railway police and local administration teams.

Providing details about the incident, Eastern Railway CPRO Kaushik Mitra stated that two individuals, who were not passengers but pedestrians walking on the tracks approximately 2 km away from the path of train number 12254 Vidyasagar, were hit. The train was en route Kasitar at the time, and there were no reports of a fire. A three-member Joint Accident Committee (JAG) has been constituted to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

Jamtara Train Accident

Reports suggest that the chaos ensued after passengers on the Ang Express train, upon hearing about a fire, began jumping off the train in panic. In the midst of this, the Jhajha-Asansol passenger train approached from the front, tragically running over those who had fallen onto the tracks. The Ang Express was subsequently halted.

In a parallel incident on the down line, the Bangalore-Yesvantpur Express was passing, and the driver, noticing dust rising from the ballast dumped on the side, realized the train was on fire. Promptly stopping the train, passengers evacuated, but unfortunately, some were struck by an EMU train on the up line, resulting in additional casualties.

As of now, two people are reported to be seriously injured and have been transported to a hospital.

Jamtara Deputy Commissioner Sashi Bushan Mehra confirmed the tragic incident, stating, “A train crushed passengers at Kalajharia railway station in Jamtara. Some deaths have been reported, and the exact number will be confirmed later. Medical teams and ambulances have reached the spot, engaging in immediate response efforts.”

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