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Call of humanity: Join 7 Days 7 Products Boycott to save innocent lives in Palestine

Watch the video inside: Kolkata's citizens launch a week-long 100 percent boycott of Israeli and American products, condemning ongoing genocide in Palestine by Israel. A non-political, humanitarian effort to begin from November 17

Kolkata: It has been 37 days since Hamas attacked Israel. In the attack, around two hundred Israeli soldiers were killed and the same number of civilians were made hostages by the resistance group. Thereafter the barbarism of Israel began and so far around 12000 Palestinians have been killed including 5000 children.

The brutality of Israel is being supported mainly by the United States of America (the USA), the United Kingdom (the UK) and France. However, not only the rest of the world, but the citizens of these countries are also hitting the streets in large numbers to protest their governments’ support of the war crime Israel is committing in Palestine.

Israeli-American Products Boycott Movement

“But we are feeling helpless that we as a citizen, not being able to do enough to stop the Genocide. So now we have decided to ‘completely boycott’ Israeli and American brand’s products in India. Boycott of Israeli and American products are already going on globally. But we feel that it should take shape of a movement and impact more to such companies who are complicit in the war crimes. And to begin with we will begin this movement from November 17. It will be a week-long first– from November 17 to 23. It will be called 7 Days 7 Products Boycott Movement, informed Dr Sarfaraz Ahmed.

He further said, “The campaign will run through public awareness, using mass media, street corner meetings and using social media influencers to argue right-thinking people to make it 100 percent successful.

“Our campaigners wearing boycott Israeli and American t-shirts will visit malls and shops to inform consumers. Later, we will sell these clothes, allowing the youth to wear them and move with the message. We will also have stickers on our bikes to catch the imagination of common people,” mentioned Athar Firdausi.

The Seven products which have been appealed to boycott are— Amazon, Ariel, Coca-Cola. Lays, Macdonald, Maggi, Pampers.

Watch the campaign appeal

Social activist Imtiaz Mollah emphasized, “This is just the beginning of a significant movement, which may continue for months. Initially planned on a weekly basis, additional days, items, and new campaign styles will be introduced in the future.”

He added, “It is a call of humanity, and every person who believes in saving the lives of innocent children, women, and people will become part of this movement.”

The group comprises doctors, engineers, chartered accountants, teachers, and social activists, asserting that it is a non-political activity funded by themselves. This marks the commencement of a humanitarian effort that may extend for months to come.

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