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Kids hit Kolkata streets to remind the world that Israel is conducting genocide against children

18 organizations unify in Kolkata against Israeli atrocities, children travel 45 kilometers to participate

Kolkata: Rina Das Basu, a retired school teacher, traveled 45 kilometers from North 24 Parganas to the state capital, Kolkata, to participate in a protest rally organized by 18 different organizations against the ongoing genocide by Israeli in Palestine.

Basu didn’t journey alone; she was accompanied by four of her current students, aged 9 to 13. The oldest among them was a 13-year-old girl in eighth grade, while the other three were boys between 9 and 11 years of age.

“In the attacks by Israel, it’s the children who are suffering the most, being killed and injured. It’s crucial for our kids to understand what’s happening in the world and to develop a sense of humanity. So, I asked the kids if they would like to participate in a protest against Israel happening in Kolkata, and they wanted to join. Later, their parents also allowed them to take part in the rally,” Basu explained to eNewsroom.

israel hamas war genocide gaza palestine children
AISA’s solidiarity banner during the protest march | eNewsroom

The 18 participating organizations, including student, worker, and peasant unions, are APDR, PDSF, RSF, AISA, DYSA, WPSUF, CRPP, Workers Initiative, SSC, and No NRC Movement.

“The event served two purpose: to condemn the barbaric killings and war crimes committed by Israel and to send a message to the Indian government that they cannot stray from supporting Palestine. The people of India have consistently stood with the cause of Palestine,” informed Ranjit Sur of APDR.

Sumeet from Nagorik Udyog said, “Similar events are being organized across the world in various cities. Resistance against Israel is growing, leading to a factory in London announcing it will not produce arms for Israel. A Kerala factory producing uniforms for the Israeli police has suspended its production, and in Belgium, transporters have refused to carry Israeli arms. This movement will continue until Palestine achieves freedom.”

israel-hamas war genocide gaza palestine

“The West installed Israel to control the Middle East, which resulted in Israel gradually encroaching into Palestine and forcing Palestinians off their land. However, this time, Israel has gone beyond all limits, committing inhumane acts and engaging in genocide in Palestine. They’re bombing hospitals, refugee camps, killing children, journalists, and committing crimes against humanity, supported by Israel, America, and Britain. That’s why we’re protesting against such forces,” responded social activist Manzar Jameel.

“The way Israel is killing children, bombing civilians, committing war crimes, and the world powers have turned a deaf ear, it seems as though the world has no future. We don’t know where we are headed,” mused Elina, a college graduate.

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