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BJP moves from communal to inhuman politics, say farm bills protestors

Hundreds of individuals hit the streets in support of farmers and vow to continue protesting till new farm bills not withdrawn

Kolkata: Showing solidarity with the protesting farmers, Soukat Beriwala chose to march from Raja Bazar to Moulali, demanding for the farm bills to be repealed. Beriwala, son of a farmer, maintained that the bills aim not just at looting the farmers but also the common man, and hence urged everyone to be firm and not support the BJP-led central government on the implementation of these ‘inhuman bills’.

“BJP was testing water with CAA and NRC last winter. This year they have the farm bills. This government knows only how to put the common in a difficult situation. They are neither working for the benefit of the people nor are they worried about our problems. Rice and pulses are a staple diet for the poor and ironically they are no longer part of essential commodities,” stated a rather agitated Beriwala.

The march, organised under the banner of United Forum for National Integrity (UFNI), witnessed over hundreds of people march in solidarity with the protesting farmers from Raja Bazar to Moula Ali. They had a single demand – withdrawal of the farm bills that the Narendra Modi led BJP government is trying to implement.

Chanting slogans against the BJP government for bringing ‘inhuman bills’ one after the other, the forum urged the people of West Bengal to show solidarity with the protesting farmers stationed at the Delhi Haryana border.

Hansu Khan, a farmer from Bengad, had to give up his cultivable land during the Left Front government said that both the BJP and Left Front government are just the different sides of a coin.

“I was forced to give up my cultivable land for setting up the Nano car factory by Tata. The price I was offered was way too less than the actual price. I was also threatened by the then Left Front government to not oppose them. Now, BJP is as foul as the CPI (M) was. They are trying to take away the basic rights of the people – the right to live and eat in India. The saffron camp thinks they can do anything with money power,” said Khan while walking with other participants of the rally.

Talking about the ‘inhuman tendency’ of the BJP government, Sohaib, a retail shop owner maintained that he many a time felt like committing suicide as for him no matter what the BJP government will carry on with their ‘inhuman activities’.

“They (BJP) have power and nothing can turn them down. From communal politics now they are playing inhuman politics. Had they been standing by the Hindus that they claim then at least for the Hindus they would have done something good. But they have done nothing good either for Hindus or people of other religions. Building a temple can fool some of the people but the lower and working class will not be mesmerized by temple or mosque. I feel like ending my life as nothing can be changed so easily,” cried Sohaib.

It is pertinent to mention that Raja Bazaar, during the anti-CAA movement had its own ‘Shireen Bagh’ to register their constant protest against CAA and NRC that the BJP government is wanting to implement.

Echoing the same Muftar Ahmed, spokesperson of United Forum For National Integrity said if needed this forum would stage continuous demonstrations until the BJP government withdraws the three new farm bills.

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