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Jharkhand Police Bust Major Drug Ring Smuggling Doda to Punjab

1500 kgs Doda in 74 sacks, worth 30 lakhs busted by Lohardaga police

Ranchi: For years, the rampant drug addiction plaguing Punjab’s youth has been an open secret. But the recent seizure of a staggering 1500 kilograms of Doda drug by Jharkhand police has ripped open a shocking new chapter – revealing a deep-rooted drug trafficking network with tentacles reaching across state borders.

Lohardaga police seized 1500 kilogram of Doda kept in 74 sacks (worth Rs 30 lakhs) from a truck heading to Punjab.

This massive haul, intercepted in Lohardaga, wasn’t just a local bust. It was a window into a much larger interstate operation, meticulously smuggling contraband across vast distances. The Doda, hidden behind sacks of rice in a Punjab-registered truck, originated in Khunti, Jharkhand, and was destined for an insatiable market across the border.

“We received intel about a Punjab truck carrying a significant amount of Doda,” informed Superintendent of Police Haris Bin Zaman. “Our team swiftly intercepted the vehicle at Henzala Picket, unearthing this elaborate cross-state smuggling ring.”

Listen to Lohardaga SP Haris Bin Zaman speaking about the haul

This seizure wasn’t a mere one-off incident. It exposed a well-oiled machinery, meticulously transporting addictive substances through multiple districts and states. The truck’s journey, Zaman pointed out, “crossed several districts and states before reaching its intended destination.”

The operation also led to the arrest of two key individuals – owner-driver Ramsesh Paswan from Fatehgarh, Punjab, and his helper Indrajit Kumar from Jharkhand’s Latehar district. These arrests, however, are just the tip of the iceberg. Zaman hinted at crucial leads on the network’s masterminds, promising further crackdowns and seizures.

“We recovered several phones and documents, revealing a vast network,” said Zaman and added, “The brains behind this operation are believed to be Jai Kishore Gupta alias Pintu from Latehar and Sunil Kumar Singh alias Sonu from Ludhiana.”

Last year in August, a large quantity of Doda was also seized in Saharanpur, which was supposed to reach Punjab.

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