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A dead body reaches India after 195 days

Giridih: The dead body of Nunuchand Mahto, which was lying  in Saudi Arabia for 194 days, reached Bagoder, Giridih, Jharkhand on the intervening night of February 6-7.

eNewsroom, which had done a detailed report after meeting the wife and children of the deceased on February 4. And, had also used social media to highlight the issue in front of the concerning minister.

Nunuchand had gone to work in Saudi, on July 6, 2016 and had died from from cardiac arrest, within 20 days of joining. Thereafter began a long exchange of letters between the concerned departments of the two countries, which in a way delayed the arrival of the dead body back to his native village.

Nunuchand is survived by three children and wife, for whom every passing day was bringing unbearable pain.

Soon after the news of Nunuchand’s death had broken out, Bagoder legislator Nagendra Mahto had written to the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, who had created a grievance id at the Madad portal.

While, former MLA Vinod Singh had met the grieved family and had also talked to the Arabian Teams Contracting (ATC) Establishment regarding compensation, following which they agreed to pay 10,000 Riyal or 1.7 lakh in Indian rupee.

However, as it happens in most of such cases, because of several formalities get done, it delays the arrival of the dead body from international shores. And when it get delayed for over six months, matter was raised inside the Jharkhand assembly also.

But, when the news was tweeted to Sushma Swaraj, it got attention outside India too, and Manik CD tagging enewsroom mentioned that his uncle’s dead body is also lying at Kuwait embassy for four days. We also tracked that development and today Manik tweeted that his uncle’s body is being dispatched.

While back in Jharkhand, a Whatsapp group specially meant for non-resident Indian (NRI)s created by Sikander Ali kept informing the concerned people for six mont

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