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United to help cyclone Amphan victims

Two weeks have elapsed since the super cyclone Amphan hit Bengal. But the trails of devastation unleashed by Amphan cannot be erased from the memory, especially when wailing humans and frightened animals can still be spotted in the Sunderbans and the rural Bengal

Kolkata: Cyclone Nisarga has made its landfall in Maharashtra, exactly a fortnight after super cyclone Amphan wreaked havoc in West Bengal. Amphan, had made its landfall on May 20 and left behind a trail of devastation for the people of Bengal. Wrecked homes with displaced families crying for water, food and electricity and other basic amenities have become a common sight now; even when the state government is doing its best make the state limp back to normalcy.

Two weeks down the line, it’s not just the devastation that will be remain etched on the minds of millions of inhabitants of Bengal, but also the efforts being made by several people from all walks of life to restore normalcy in lives of those whose life has been thrown out of gear due to Amphan.

Talking to eNewsroom, Dr. Arjun Dasgupta, president of West Bengal Doctors Forum (WBDF) said that WBDF along with Shramajibi Swasthya Udyog (SSU) is has been trying to reach out to the affected people with relief materials and medical assistance to the best of their abilities.

“We urge all members of the medical fraternity to come forward and extend co-operation in these hours of need. On one hand the pandemic Covid-19 is taking away so many lives and on the other hand this cyclone has also killed so many people and has made many vulnerable and homeless. We are trying to stand by these people and do as much as we can,” said Dasgupta.

The president of WBDF also added that as far as Corona is concerned they have made a meeting with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to discuss over remedies in curbing the menace. During the meet CM had even agreed upon all the suggestions given by the Doctor’s forum.

(Those interested in extending help are requested to contact: Dr Punyabrata Goon:  +919830922194/Dr Arjun Dasgupta:  +919748765779/ Dr Rajiv Pandey:  +917980683401/ Dr Sanjoy Holme Choudhury: +919830279384/ Dr Sourav Talukdar: +919038704202 or write to [email protected]

cyclone amphan victims relief work donate West bengal
Relief workers representing Prantojonner Pokho providing relief at Shitulia Golbadi Area

People across the country, especially those with roots in Bengal, have been appealing others to contribute in whatever way they can. There were so many distressing messages and visuals on social media that a journalist, Debjani Choubey has appealed for help and many students mostly from first and second year have even joined hands with her to reach out to the affected people.

“A friend of mine and I wanted to stand by the affected people. We campaigned on Facebook and within a week we got an overwhelming response. The students crowdfunded, while their parents helped them in packing the raw food items so that it could reach the destination on time. Deepshubhro, a painter sold his paintings contribute for the relief fund. So far we had supported 220 families in Gosaba of Rangaberiya and 450 from Pathorprotima of Bororakhoshkali area in Sunderban area,” said Choubey.

Choubey also added that they are doing FB live as people from across the country are still trying to stand by the destitute.

“People complain about today’s generation not being helpful. But in this hour of need I have learnt that teenagers of today have a heart of gold and are willing to help the poor and needy,” she claimed.

cyclone amphan victims relief work donate West bengal
Volunteers of Mukti-Kakdwip doing relief work

Apart from them, Swarnabha Dey, has also urged for donation for restoring the beloved Sundarban, which is one of the most badly hit places.

“We have decided to help them with some necessary amenities, medicines, temporary tents among others. Owing to the Covid lockdown, we’ll be going in small teams to the remote villages of Choto Mollakhali, Atapur, Tushkhali and Durgamondop. We will try to reach out to almost 150 families in those villages,” mentioned Dey.

(Those interested in extending help can pay on Gpay: 9038399847 / Phone Pe:8420288453/ Paytm: 9830667009, Bank A/C Details A/C Number: 915010025691456IFSC: UTIB0000113, Payee Name: Swarnabha Dey)

Pulak Roy Chowdhury, Headmaster Kanaknagar S.D. Institution whose experiences regarding Hingalganj appeared in several newspapers also appeals for funds to stand by the people of Sunderbans.

Besides, UNICEF India is working with the government as part of the West Bengal Inter Agency Group to support the millions of children and their families affected by the cyclone in West Bengal.

The Sundarban Foundation works with the most disadvantaged people in the region to provide them better healthcare and education opportunities, among other benefits.

Kolkata-based nonprofit Mukti is seeking funds for its relief and rehabilitation efforts to help those affected by Amphan in the Sunderbans.

Alo Foundation has tried to reach drinks Ng water to the 1000 families of Ptla Panpukur village under Hasnabad police station as it has been learned that more than food people of this area is unable to get drinking water and also that more of the male members of all the families are migrant workers and are stuck in different states.

(Interested readers can contribute for relief work #STANDBYSUNDERBAN by donating to Shimanta Guha Thakurta, Account number: 912010015075041, Bank name: Axis Bank, Branch: Barrackpore, IFCS Code: UTIB0000436 | For any query, please contact Simanto Guhathakurta  9836394321. Contribution can also be made to SSU Relief Fund, Shramajibi Swasthya Udyog, A/C no 0100000128050492, Punjab National Bank, Brabourne Road Branch, Kolkata-700001, IFS code PUNB0010000, Gpay : 8981649766, upi id: mrinmoy140@oksbi)

Contribute for those devastated during Amphan, come, let’s get united to rebuild Bengal.

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