Covid-19 second wave in India and three corona warriors

The second wave of the corona has let hell loose throughout our nation. Lakhs of people have been affected and precious lives lost. As the wave subsides we come to know of a few true crusaders who silently helped Covid-19 infected patients during the second wave. Here are three Corona warriors.

Himanshu Kalia

The down-to-earth Ambulance Man of New Delhi, Himanshu and his wife Twinkle Kalia are well-known ambulance drivers starting their noble mission a decade ago they have rendered selflessly 24 hrs free ambulance service and blood bank facilities to countless in Delhi. During the corona waves, both risked their lives day and night providing voluntary ambulance and blood bank services throughout the capital. 

Twinkle had breast cancer, but it did not stop her from executing humanitarian duties along with her husband. They even helped countless to perform their departed ones’ last rites free of cost and cooked as well as serving food to feed hundred in their Lalbaug Delhi residential areas. The couple has extended the same services to Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad and Mumbai among others.

“I could not tolerate the sufferings of countless around me. So I decided to serve as many as I could in exchange for simple goodwill. Money making in this line has never been my plan,” said Himanshu Kalia.  

While Twinkle Kalia mentioned, “So what if I have breast cancer. I did as much as my health permitted to help those in distress.”

Sangita Reddy

Pete Seiger sang the immortal number, “Where have all the flowers gone”. Sangita Reddy the internationally reputed and ethnic beauty who is a healthcare icon sings, “The flowers are blooming around us. Roses, jasmines and sunflowers.” With true grit, honest commitment and a never say die motto, Sangita Reddy excelled in healthcare management activities of her group of hospitals throughout India. Be it patient care, medical activities or even tackling the fearful oxygen crisis, she never lost her cool. 

Sangita has published a guidebook to help people deal with Corona infection. Sangita said about her initiatives, “I was shocked to learn about the sad demise of eminent cardiologist Dr KK Aggarwal from the corona. I cannot sit on an ivory tower during this pandemic crisis. So I am trying my level best to give medical support in every way my hospital can. I am also giving priority to vaccination.”

Dr Raj Merchant

This ever-smiling naturopathist has been curing many critical diseases with his unique leaf therapy. At his residence in Malad, East (Mumbai), he nurtures more than a thousand leaves on three acres of land. For corona patients, he prescribes a special leaf medicine that cures chest congestion and helps to balance oxygen levels. Never has Dr Raj Merchant spoken against allopath treatment. The doctorate in naturopathy from Nasik University is now conducting many experiments with other leaves to research corona cures. Dr. Merchant also visited Germany earlier and brought to the notice of Germans the use of leaf therapy successfully.

He said, “All severe ailments can be cured if nature is properly used and not destroyed. Nature has its way of curing many diseases. I love to experiment with leaf therapy in various forms to cure ailments which create problems for human beings.”

Ranjan Das Gupta

is a Kolkata-based independent journalist. He has been doing freelance work for more than 3 decades and writes on arts & culture, cinema, politics, healthcare and education

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