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From public apology to sit-in: What BJP leaders wanting to join TMC are doing to express mistake committed

Hundreds of BJP cadres and leaders in Bengal are making public announcement to express their desire of joining ruling TMC or sitting with placard to declare that joining saffron camp was a mistake

Birbhum/Kolkata: What goes around comes around is the aptest word to describe West Bengal politics today.

Three months back, what political observers in Bengal could not believe is a stark reality today. Before the announcement of assembly polls and during it, there was a hoarde joining Bharatiya Janata Party in the state. But, after the assembly election mandate, the reverse has begun.

Now the talk of the town is how BJP leaders are expressing their desire to desert the saffron camp to join the ruling Trinamool Congress party led by Mamata Banerjee. They are also publicly claiming that it was a mistake to have joined BJP.

The defection scene in Birbhum in the last few days was very unique as several BJP workers after making the announcement of them wanting to join the ruling party once again on a loudspeaker placed on a moving Toto vehicle.

What followed next was even more surprising. On Monday, almost 50 turncoat workers were seen sitting outside TMC office at Illambazar in Birbhum with placards in hand demanding to rejoin TMC.

The placards read that, they have committed serious mistakes by joining BJP, while some read that by staying under Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee they can work for the people of Bengal.

BJP’s Mukul Mandal who wants to rejoin TMC claimed that he had joined the BJP thinking that they would win and also thought the saffron camp was better than TMC.

Video of a BJP worker doing public announcement to leave BJP and join TMC

In the Nanur district, BJP supporters also made a public announcement that they committed the biggest blunder by defecting to the saffron fold and rendered an apology publicly for the TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee for not supporting her during the Assembly election.

In Bolpur, people who want to join TMC have also made an announcement and claimed, “We were persuaded by the BJP. It is a fraudulent party. We have no alternative to Hon’ble CM Mamata Banerjee.”

In Sainthia, a group of 300 BJP workers returned to the TMC after taking an oath. BJP youth wing district president Tapas Saha said that he could not do anything in the BJP and is joining the TMC to participate in development.

However, state BJP chief Dilip Ghosh claims the partymen have been threatened so they are joining TMC. “Also, lakhs have joined BJP, so 10% leaving is not a big number to worry about,” he reacted.

The defections and infighting amongst the BJP leaders began from May 2, but the recent trend suggests more defection after turncoat Mukul Roy reentered the TMC.

Sources said, after Mukul making ghar wapasi he had called 10 BJP MLAs and one MP to join TMC.

But it is not that easy for TMC turncoat to become part of the ruling dispensation, as the effigy of another turncoat leader Rajib Banerjee was burnt in Domjur area as Rajib too post-poll debacle had shown his interest for ghar wapasi.

Terming Rajib as ‘Gaddar’ and ‘Mirzaffar’, TMC cadres of Domjur in Howrah had put out posters across the area and asked the senior party leaders not to take back Rajib in TMC.

Significantly, when BJP’s leader of opposition Suvendu Adhikari went to meet Governor Jagdeep Dhankar over post poll violence, 24 MLAs skipped the meet, raising further fear of those legislators deserting the party in future.

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