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No difference between Angrej rule and present BJP government: Anna Hazare

Jaipur: Social activist and the  leader of India Against Corruption (IAC) campaign, Anna Hazare, criticized Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) led Vasundhara Raje government in Rajasthan for its anti-farmer acts.

“The farmers of Nindar are protesting as their lands are being forcibly acquiredby the government. What is the difference between the British rulers and them (BJP)?” he questioned, and added, “During the British regime, it was the same, land used to be taken away from the farmers forcibly. Last time when we had protested, the government had agreed to not resorting to forceful land acquisition.” Hazare, had stopped at Nindar during his journey to Jaipur.

The 80-year-old social activist reached Govindgarh, Jaipur to get support, for his proposed Satyagrah, which he will begin from March 23. Through this movement he will be demanding an effective Lokpal in the center and Lokayuktas at every state.

Watch Anna Hazare’s video:


Lokpal bill was passed in 2013 itself. But Anna and his team members had been claiming that the bill is a weak one, however, Narendra Modi government too did little to strengthen it.

In Govindgarh, the anti-corruption crusader was more vocal and said that people will teach BJP government a lesson both at the center and state. He expressed serious concern on the treatment being meted out to the farmers in India, specially in Rajasthan.

“People have the key and they need to understand its importance, for this key is capable enough of bring in or throwing out any government,” PTI quoted Hazare.

Earlier in Kota, the senior activist had attacked the center, stating that the Modi government is anti-farmers and cares only for industries.

Hazare will soon be visiting Lucknow, seeking support from the people of Uttar Pradesh for his agitation.

The crusader’s anti-corruption movement in 2011 was a massive hit and gave birth of many activist turned politicians in India, right from Arvind Kejriwal, Kumar Vishwas to VK Singh and Kiran Bedi. It will be interesting to watch how, his agitation at the time of Narendra Modi government takes shape.

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