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Why Am I Angry at Narendra Modi?

A common man expressing his anger, resentment & grief to an 'uncommon' Prime Minister

Modi, Modi, Modi.., yes those exactly were the words I was enchanting when I voted him for the first time, then for the second time. A man of his words, his promises, a man of passion, excellence & performance, a man whom I always admired and wanted to be one, who gets supernatural with his excesses every time he makes his presence in the media. A man with a conviction to change India.

So, what has changed?

Is it the mindset, shift of focus, ignorance, arrogance what exactly it is?

How your attention shifted from a man leading by example last year to a man making his own country a living hell this year. This in turn shifted your image from the biggest motivator to the biggest violator of the Covid-19 norms. Yes sir, I want to question your loyalty to your political rallies, your religious congregation and your absolute denial of the severity and seriousness of the pandemic.

How did your attention shift from providing us with a world-class healthcare infrastructure to getting our hospitals run out of beds, oxygen, ventilators and other basic needs? Millions have died, are dying, will die. Mortuaries are so full that the last rites are being done on the streets, pavements, riverside or carcasses are laid to rot in the houses.

I never expected to run around for oxygen, to hustle for beds. I never expected to beg for medicines, vaccines among others, the list continues. What I was expected was to pay taxes which I did honestly and diligently.

I contributed to your Vikas and witnessed Vinash, why sir? I will remember, India will remember and goes without saying, you will remember.

It is easy to blame the state governments, common people, healthcare professionals, public utility services et al. But that’s exactly where we needed good governance, strong leadership, a person like Mr. Narendra Modi for whom I voted. To control even a class of 40 students, we need a class monitor so how can you ignore the world’s largest democracy?

I am angry.. because I blindly followed you, over expected from you.

I am angry.., because I trusted you.

I am angry.., because I lost my friends, relatives & loved ones.

I am angry.., because I am feeling helpless, I have seen not only humans but also humanity dying under your regime.

Mayank Vashistha

Works at a multinational company in Hyderabad

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