Women inmates of Tihar Jail experience Euphonic Yoga

New Delhi/Kolkata: About a hundred of women, their faces covered with dupatta or shawls were seen squatting on the ground of Jail No 6, the women section of Tihar Jail, New Delhi, with their eyes brimming with excitement. After all, it’s not every day that they have something special to do, let alone meeting people from the outside world, interacting with them. On the other hand, four young women Shruti ChaturLal, Suman Kanawat, Garima Arya and Rajnandini, with a unique concept of yoga – Euphonic Yoga, were having last minutes jitter, with regards, to pulling off the specially designed session that they going to conduct for the women inmates of the Tihar Jail.

Euphonic Yoga is a new concept or style of healing, spiritually. It is a concept that has integrated classical dance, classical music and Yoga to vitalise and activate the energy flow in a person.

Speaking to eNewsroom, Shruti Chaturlal, brain behind this unique form of yoga says, “Our team symbolises women power at its best. The idea of taking Euphonic Yoga to Jail No. 6 was to celebrate womanhood. The idea was to give a healing touch to these troubled souls. Also, we wanted to know them so that we would conduct these healing workshops on a regular basis with them.”

Describing the journey of the four friends, Shruti, says, “This initiative is our effort to bring back people to their roots.” She then adds, “If Euphonic Yoga is done in the correct way then right vibrations are generated in right combination. This has deep and profound effects on our body, physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

“Initially, we were really worried about, how to initiate talks, how introduce the session to them, as we didn’t want to hurt the emotions of any inmate. But once we were there, and got to meet them, we were astounded by the kind of love and affection that they showered on us,” recounts Shruti. She added, “They shared their feelings, their anguish and helpless state, their struggle with the system and their fear, their parting relations and broken families. These conversations moved use tremendously. Our heart wept for them, when we heard their side of the story.”

This interaction made them connect, think, design and come up with a power packed session of Euphonic Yoga that left the inmates rejuvenated. Explaining what did the trick, was Suman, she said, “We had a discussion with them, to know their issues following which we explained various ragas, compositions, mudras and asanas and the concept of Euphonic Yoga to them. We made them understand how this form of yoga, could be used to gain inner peace. We knew exactly where we could contribute for their better, but the real challenge was to motivate them, to make them join the ongoing session.”

This session was a precursor to a month long celebration that the Tihar Jail officials want to host on the jail premise to celebrate the International Women’s Day for their inmates. “This experience of Euphonic Yoga session was a unique one and we are looking forward for our performance on February 15, for them,” said Shruti.

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