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St Xavier University students take stand, protest against police brutality in JMI and AMU

Kolkata: On a day when ‘spiritual’ guru, Sadhguru chose to reprimand students taking on to the streets to protest against Citizenship Amendment Act (AA), hundreds of students and alumni members of St. Xavier’s University on Monday defy the message of Sadhguru. The rally was in solidarity with the students of Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) University and Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), who has been attacked by Delhi and Uttar Pradesh police for opposing CAA, NRC and NPR.

Significantly, the video appeal of Sadhguru was also shared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  However, it seems, students who has been forefront of protest against controversial citizenship law know well, what will be their move to save constitution.

While Jadhavpur, Presidency and many other students of different universities of West Bengal have been regularly hitting the streets, now xaverians also protest police brutality against students in Jamia and AMU, who were opposing CAA, NRC and NPR, but brutally attacked by Delhi and Uttar Pradesh police.

The crackdown by police has been not only opposed by students across India but outside too.

Noted actor-turned-director Arindam Sil and musician Debojyoti Mishra participated in the protest march. They alleged that the partition of the country was done on religious lines and accused the BJP of wanting to further divide the country.

“India has seen many historical ups and downs. BJP is making another mistake by their CAA and NRC. The common people of the country should unite in order to restrict the CAA and NRC. Not just students every people should come out till the CAA is withdrawn,” said Mishra.

Taking a dig at Delhi police, Rishi Basu, general secretary of St Xavier’s Students Council termed the police of BJP-run states as ‘undemocratic as the saffron camp’.

“We deeply condemn the police action on the students of JMU and AMU, protesting against the amended citizenship act. This is certainly is not in the spirit of democracy,” said Basu.

Satrajit Ghosh, one of the participating students, said that India has always been a secular country and will continue to be so and no forces can break the harmony and sanctity of the country.

“As a student I feel insecure. I shiver when I think of Kolkata police behaving the same way as Delhi police. This is the just the beginning of the aftermath of CAA and NRC. If it is implemented incidents of violence and chaos will be the only identity of India. We all should pledge to safe the sanctity of our motherland. There are many countries which have decided to follow one religion. But the beauty of India is people of all religion reside here. We must continue the glory,” stated Ghosh.

Also present in the rally was former Trinamool Congress MP Dinesh Trivedi. He maintained that not just the students but every individual should unite against the ‘evil’ politics being played by the BJP led central government.

“Today we have come together to show solidarity to the students of Jamia Millia and AMU. Whatever police had done with the students is just atrocious,” said Trivedi holding posters in favour of students of JMU and AMU.

Talking to eNewsroom, the former TMC MP said, “People from the minority section who have every right to call themselves Indian. They are a part of this country for generations. The BJP leaders are still not clear about the fate of these people post CAA. No one should succumb to the divisive politics of Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Central government,” added Trivedi.

The protest march, organised by St. Xavier’s Students Council and St. Xavier’s College Kolkata Alumni Association, moved along a short stretch from the College campus to Park Street and back.

Students defy Sadhguru and PM Modi st xavier amu jamia nrc CAA NPR xaverians
Students of various Kolkata colleges protest against CAA and NRC with the replica of detention centers

Meanwhile, another anti-CAA, anti-NRC and anti-NPR rally was called by the student unions of various city-based colleges. The rally that began from College square and culminated at Rani Rashmoni Avenue, had a unique tweak to otherwise regular rallies, where students are seen carrying placards and banners along with the constant slogans.

The participating students had created a replica of the detention centre cell, where the stateless individuals would be sent on failing to prove one’s citizenship.

“You are aware that the BJP Govt. had passed Unconstitutional Law – CAA in both houses. We, the student community, are very much concerned about our country’s secular fabric. Now a days we, the students, feel threatened as the Police are brutally attacking on the peaceful protesters across the country,” said one of the participating students.

Hinting at the recent attack on journalists in Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, he said, “Even the reporters are not safe in the hands of this government.”

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  1. Who is that Sadguru, who killed his wife now living with his Love Bharathi,, created illegal paper’s of the Forest land 150 acre’s cheating the Govt & the innocent farmer’s to build his ashram….now he want’s to take the help of Modiji to clear from all his misdeed’s..

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