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Sister dies, hearing news of brother’s death from accident

The accident took place when Sufiyan was about to cross the road to purchase Iftar (foods to break the fast) items at Bagoderdih, in Bagoder. It is around 65 kilometers away from Giridih district headquarters

Giridih: In a horrific incident, 14-year-old Sufiyan Ansari was run over by a truck, as he was crossing the National Highway-2. Road accident was so severe that the teenager couldn’t be saved. And when the family was already grappling with the untimely death of Sufiyan, then the news of his death made his 17-year-old sister Shifa Khatoon, die from a cardiac arrest.

Road Accident

The accident took place when Sufiyan was about to cross the road to purchase Iftar (foods to break the fast) items at Bagoderdih, in Bagoder. Road accident is around 65 kilometers away from Giridih district headquarters.

May 29, marked the onset of Islamic month Ramzan, and both the brother-sister duo were fasting, when the twin tragedy struck the family. Their father, Mohammad Idris and elder brother, are tailors, working in Mumbai, while the duo stayed with their mother in Bagoder. The family was inconsolable.

Shifa had appeared in Jharkhand academic council’s senior secondary examination, its result will be declared within a few days. She had secured 93 percent marks in her secondary examination.

“Sufiyan, was a standard 10th student. Both were good in their studies. And there was a healthy competition among them. In villages, girls get married early, but she was not interest in it,” informed Sikander Ali, a social activist from the area.

Sadly enough, on the same day, just an hour ahead, Basudev Sao, was killed in another road accident at the NH-2. He was hit by a biker; later Basudev succumbed to his injuries. His son was to get married on June 3. Basudev was out to buy clothes for the lagan function schedule on Monday.

Sub-divisional police officer Deepak Kumar Sharma, met Ansari’s family, and instructed his subordinates to assist Sufiyan’s family with some financial help.

However, Sufian being a minor, become an issue in providing relief through funds, as there is no provision to provide relief fund in case of accidental death of minor. On realizing the same, the SDPO gave Rs 10000 from his own pocket.

Both the accidents had one thing in common – the victims died due to non-availability of proper treatment during the “Golden Time”. Ansari was hit on his leg, and when he was taken to the Primary Health Center (PHC), it was “locked”. The staff was called and then the teenage victim was given treatment. Later, because of the lack of facilities, he was referred to Hazaribagh.

So was Sao, and both died on way, because of excessive bleeding.

Ironically, a 30-bed Community Health Center (CHC) is ready since the last two and half years, but it is yet to be inaugurated. The center has been upgraded from PHC, at the cost of Rs 3.15 crores.

While, NH-2’s around 50 kilometers stretch fall under Giridih district and everyday one or two major accidents took place in Bagoder area only. Most of the times, cases got referred to either Dhanbad or Hazaribagh, the nearest cities.

Former legislator from Bagoder constituency, Vinod Singh, not only raised question, why CHC is not being inaugurated, but pointed out about the absence of trauma center also.

“There is no trauma center on NH-2 from Chauparan to Chirkunda, while as per the rules, there should be at least three, including one at Bagoder,” Singh mentioned.

However, present MLA Nagendra Mahto claims that he is trying hard and not only he wrote to Giridih deputy commissioner as well as health ministers (Jharkhand and union) for providing doctor for the CHC, but for opening of trauma center also.

“But, I cannot go to Ranchi and Delhi often, as there are so many other issues in constituency itself,” Mahto told eNewsroom.

He added, “I am not sitting idle, I am talking to everyone. It might be taking time but everything will get done.”

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