Another no-confidence motion in Jharkhand and the presence of Rahul Gandhi

Jharkhand's gathbandhan government faces crucial trust vote, outcome to impact INDIA block's Lok Sabha preparation

Govindpur/Ranchi: Stable government in Jharkhand has always been an issue. Especially a tribal chief minister could not complete his five-year tenure, a fate that befell Hemant Soren as well. The Hemant Soren-led gathbandhan government had got a majority in the 2019 assembly polls, still the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha working president could not complete his term in office.

Now, the Champai Soren, who has taken oath after Hemant Soren resignation, his government will have to prove its majority in the 81-seat Jharkhand assembly.

No-confidence motions have occurred more frequently than usual in the Jharkhand assembly. However, this time, when the no-confidence day is imminent, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi with his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra is in the state.

Political observers believe that among the Gathbandhan parties, it is Congress legislators who have expressed discontent time to time about the earlier Hemant government. There are a few JMM MLAs as well, but sources indicate that Congress MLAs are under the watchful eyes of senior gathbandhan leaders.

However, senior Congress leaders are relieved that Rahul Gandhi’s presence will help keep the Congress flock together.

On Sunday, Rahul Gandhi met Minister Alamgir Alam and CPIML legislator Vinod Singh and former MCC MLA Arup Chatterjee.

The Wayanad MP will host a public meeting in Ranchi. It is planned to take place after the no-confidence voting in the assembly, and later, gathbandhan leaders will join Rahul Gandhi’s sabha.

On the 10th of February in the Bihar assembly, the no-confidence motion will also take place, and the win or loss of the gathbandhan in Jharkhand may impact the politics of the Big Brother state.

Former chief minister Hemant Soren has also been allowed to vote in the motion. While the gathbandhan MLAs who had flown to Hyderabad returned tonight.

Significantly, both state presidents of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Babulal Marandi and Godda MP Nishikant Dubey have continuously attacked Rahul Gandhi’s yatra since it entered Jharkhand.

How the BJP led NDA MLAs responds to the motion, will be important to watch. It will also be the first no-confidence motion during the tenure of Marandi as state chief.

After the motion’s result, INDIA block will have to work on the Lok Sabha seat-sharing issue in Jharkhand. And the process will be smoother, if the results come in their favour.

Ravi Prakash, the Ranchi-based senior journalist, told eNewsroom, “Because of the presence of Rahul Gandhi, there is excitement among Congress leaders, and the statistics say gathbandhan will be able to prove its majority.

“However, the result may not have much effect in Bihar. The state still has a feudal mentality. Even in the Congress’s politics in Bihar, there is feudalism. And most will vote according to the line, which means in favour of the government who has already taken oath,” he added.

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