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Is Mukul Roy behind the murder of TMC MLA Satyajit Biswas?

Nadia/Kolkata: As the plot thickens for the murder of Trinamool Congress legislator Satyajit Biswas, allegations and counter allegations are rife. While two persons have been arrested within 24 hours by Nadia police, the name of BJP leader Mukul Roy is doing round as conspirator. Secretary of TMC, Nadia, Gouri Shankar Dutta has openly blamed former TMC leader Mukul Roy for the murder of Biswas, who shot from point blank range on Saturday night during a Saraswati Puja celebration in Nadia district’s Hanskhali area.

When eNewsroom contacted Rupesh Kumar, SP, Nadia, he maintained, “We have named two people in the FIR – Sujit Mandal and Kartik Mandal.” On being asked about Mukul Roy being mentioned in the FIR, he said, “We are not revealing the entire detail of the FIR, as we are investigating the case.” However, many publications like Ebela, DNA and India Today have reported about Roy being mentioned in the FIR filed by the local TMC Committee. While police chose to keep quiet on Roy’s part, Dutta openly said, “Its Mukul Roy’s henchmen who have killed our leader.” eNewsroom tried contacting Roy, to seek his comment but his phone was unavailable. Meanwhile, both Sujit and Kartik have been arrested.

Education minister Partha Chatterjee, who rushed to the spot the following morning recalled the slain TMC leader as a magnetic youth leader of the party. Speaking to the media he said, “We had met just a few days back to discuss things related to the district. The police is investigating the case and the perpetrators won’t be spared.” Without taking names, Chatterjee too blamed the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for political murder, an allegation which the BJP state president Dilip Ghosh negated. “We also want the case to be investigated by the CBI so that the killers are booked. The fact that even TMC leaders are not safe in Bengal reflects the real state of Bengal.”

However, the sequence of events that led to the murder makes it appear as a preplanned murder. On Saturday, when Biswas was killed, his bodyguard had taken a leave citing personal reasons. Also, on the fateful day, electricity of the area, where he was killed, witnessed around eight power cuts. It was during one such snag that Biswas was killed from point blank range from a country made pistol.

Sleuths investigating the case are not ruling off the possibility of contract killers being hired to kill the MLA, who has close proximity with the Matua community, which had played a pivotal role in TMC’s victory in the last Lok Sabha election. According to local TMC workers, it is this vote bank that the BJP wants to break into had led to the murder.

Speaking about murder, political analyst Biswanath Chakraborty said, “The present political culture of Bengal is based on power politics, which is get violent with every passing day. The present day politics of the state is simply based on aspirations and sadly enough the administration has been completely politicized.”

He then added, “Take this murder case only. Both TMC and police are saying that the murder was pre-planned. But where is the plan? Why the police wasn’t able to get a whiff of it? The politics of today in our state is taking possession of areas to grab votebanks. And to be honest, Nadia’s politics has always been violent. The goons who were used to get into power have now turned in Frankenstein.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recently addressed a public rally in Takurkanj area of Nadia district.

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