With her children, a mother also left city to make them doctor, engineer

Jaipur: Meet Razia Begum, a new age mother, who moved on to Kota from Sikar, Rajasthan for her kids. And yes, you heard us right. Razia stayed put for six long years in Kota, so that her two kids could crack the engineering entrance examination and another the medical entrance exam to become engineers and doctor. Razia’s husband Mohammad Hussain, is a Nayab Subedar in the Indian Army. However, instead of choosing to stay posted with him, she chose to take care of children in Kota, so that they could be guided well.

“My brother Shahid Hussain, was a bright student. He wanted to become an engineer, hence he got enrolled in a coaching institute in Kota. But Abbu was posted in Punjab. Ammi didn’t want my brother to live alone in Kota, so she packed her bags and tagged me and my younger sister along with her to Kota. It was here that we did our schooling, while bhai jaan prepared to crack the entrance examination,” said Mohit Alam, the second son of Razia to eNewsroom.

Razia’s stay gets longer

So, by the time, Shahid cracked the exam, Mohit was already preparing for his engineering exams. “Despite my brother having made it to National Institute of Technology (NIT) Kurukshetra, we had to stay back in Kota. As by then we were ready to take those preparatory classes,” he recounts.

Soon after he cleared All India Engineering Entrance Examinations (AIEEE) and got admission in NIT Durgapur, Tabassum Khan, Razia’s youngest child began her medical entrance examinations. This made her stay back in Kota till Tabassum cleared the entrance exam.

Six years itch gets over

“My sister cleared the medical entrance and got admission in Jaipur’s SMS Hospital, in 2014,” he informs. Post which,  Razia returned to Sikar lead her own life. However, soon her husband got posted to Jaipur, where she is now living with him. Her sons too seem to be doing well in life. Both her sons are working in Noida — one with Honda Car and the other in a multi-national company.

Interestingly, Razia, is just a standard 5th pass. Guess, this what pushed her to leave her comfort zone for six years, just to help her kids avail the best education.

Can you move out of your comfort zone or how much you will push your limit, for the better education of your children? Drop in a line in the comment box to let us know.

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