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Death threat to actor Kaushik Sen, one of the 49 open letter signatories to PM Narendra Modi

Kolkata: Actor and theater personality Kaushik Sen, one of the signatories of the letter written to the Prime Minister of India – Narendra Modi, requesting him to take exemplary action against mob lynching and also do not curb dissent, has received threat calls for having signed the open letter.

The Tollywood actor has informed the police and even shared the phone number for proper investigation to be made.

Actor Sen, who has been a vocal critic of both the BJP and Trinamool Congress, complained about a threat call made on his phone from an unknown number.  He further alleged that the caller had threatened him dire consequences if he didn’t stop raising his voice against mob lynching and increasing intolerance in India. Sen added, “The caller even said that I would be killed if I didn’t mend my ways.”

Mob lynching

Given the nature and tone of the call, Sen has circulated the number to all the other 48 signatories of the letter.  Around 49 celebrities had written an open letter to the PM of India seeking his attention and also demanding him to make his officials take action against the lynch mobs.  In the letter, the celebs referred to ‘Jai Sri Ram’ as a war cry and had also stressed upon “no democracy without dissent”.

Sen, however, maintained that he and the other signatories shouldn’t be labelled as anti-national. He said, “Artist and intellects are bound to be anti-establishment. They shouldn’t be branded as anti-national or anti-Modi.”  Sen pointed out, “I have aversion to the kind of politics that BJP has been playing in Bengal. The opposition always needs to play a positive and constructive role. But here the BJP is only doing things that will help them gain power in Bengal. Sadly enough, TMC is not being able to do enough to stall such communal outbreaks.”

He also mentioned about Jai Sri Ram not being part of the Bengali culture and how Ram Navami had evolved as a festival where the Hindus brazenly flashed weapons.

Meanwhile, another actor and TMC MP Nusrat Jahan has written an open letter two days after 49 celebs wrote to addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Basirhat MP mentioned in her letter that mob lynching criminals are nothing but enemies of our country.

The actor-turned-lawmaker, also believes that mob lynching is an assault on democracy and has demanded for a law against it.


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