Manipur Is What India Could Be Tomorrow

Manipur and its crisis is the absolute failure of the Central leadership including the all-powerful Prime Minister and Home Minister. They can make and unmake a government. What stops them from putting the state of Manipur under the President's Rule and allowing an impartial administration?

The incident of rape and parading of two Kuki women in Manipur is outrageous and barbaric, to say the least. We don’t have a word to describe what has happened to this beautiful state. For the last three months, the state is suffering from the violence which has been deliberately encouraged by those in power. Why is Manipur burning and why do our Prime Minister and Home Minister have no time to speak about these horrific incidents?

Manipur is what India could be tomorrow. It is an attempt to change the demographic profile of the state. It is an attempt to intrude into the tribal domain. You use the courts and government to push new communities into the Scheduled Tribe list just because you feel how tribal are enjoying their land and forest. Now, the violence against Kukis is purely majoritarian violence which is trying to teach the Kuki minority a lesson. How this was allowed to continue for such a long period? Even when there are central forces, army and yet things remain unabated.

The Vishwguru was upset when Manipur was being discussed in the European Parliament terming it as an ‘internal’ matter. One does not know what is internal and external when you keep quiet as the state is burning.

Manipur and its crisis is the absolute failure of the Central leadership including the all-powerful Prime Minister and Home Minister. They can make and unmake a government. What stops them from putting the state of Manipur under the President’s Rule and allowing an impartial administration?

We hope our Parliament will discuss this issue in all seriousness. There is no need to bring up the issues of what happened in 1947 or 1984 or 1992 or 2002. Deal with the current crisis which has no justification. Don’t try to justify a horrific mistake of Manipur.

As a citizen of India, I appeal to all our Manipur brothers and sisters to please stop this madness. You will gain nothing by victimising and criminalising your neighbours. The politicians in Delhi have created this crisis deliberately for their own ‘land’ agenda. This is basically an attempt to gain entry into the tribal land so that big corporates can enter the state and exploit its vast natural resources.

Please understand the strategy. This Hindu-Muslim, Hindu-Christian divide is basically meant to help the corporate exploit natural resources. If there is a crisis between the two, let them discuss it. Don’t allow your ethnic interests to dominate humanitarian concerns. Humiliating and insulting any human being in public is simply outrageous and shameful.

As a citizen of the country, I feel ashamed of such things which are becoming norms of the day. Things which are being justified through fake news paddlers. Where is this country going? Surely, the current crisis is not without those who enjoy their power by pushing one community against another. It is time for all of us to understand this. Never has this happened in the history of India where those in power kept criminal silence on the issue while having luxurious time for every other thing than resolving a crisis or even appealing to the people of the state to remain calm and work together.

Manipur is a crisis of governance. It shows how majoritarianism will ultimately destroy India. People of India will have to understand that there is violence and humiliation of fellow countrymen and will not take us towards any solution.

The answer lies in walking together and understanding the agenda of those who have gained maximum politically by creating such a crisis. Stop this madness. Dismiss the Manipur government and install an inclusive government which has the confidence of all the people of the state.

The piece has been taken from Vidya Bhushan Rawat’s Facebook post.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The author is an activist and is currently working on Impact of Ganga and its tributaries in the Himalayas and the plains of India

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  1. Why we are not able to control situation of Manipur…being a person of North East feel very ashamed of current situation… trust this is having clear hand of outsiders but we till now we should have indentify culprits and punish

  2. The duo in fact seems to be enjoying the barbaric violence taking place in the state like the way Nero fiddled while Rome was burning.Golwalkar’s public statement in the pre independence period that not the British but the communists,Muslims & Christians happened to be the enemies of India is still flowing in their marrows.and out of this sheer religious perversion they are looking the other way when all norms of civility are being mauled in Manipur.

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