Kamalika Follows Deepika Padukone’s Foot Step

Artscape, is for survivours of physical and mental trauma. Our sessions aims at providing emotional support through our sessions

Kolkata: After Deepika Padukone, setting up The Live Love Laugh Foundation, Television actress, Kamalika Guha Thakurta, is all set to heal survivors of mental and physical trauma (domestic violence, physical mental abuse, health issues). Her venture Artscape aims at healing souls through performing arts. The actor has played myriad roles on Indian television – right from Gayatri Virani of the iconic Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi to Guru Maa in Naagin, Following are excerpts from the interview:

eNewsroom: What is Artscape?

Kamalika: Artscape, is an initiative of mine, which uses performing arts to heal survivors of trauma – physical or mental.

eNewsroom: How does Artscape work?

Kamalika: We use different types of art forms (meditation, music and dance)  to develop individuality, enhance communication skills and instill a sense of confidence in these survivours.

eNewsroom: Tell us something about your Kolkata connect?

Kamalika: I was  born in a Bengali family of musicians and actors in Kolkata, which pushed me into being a lot more involved with performing art.

eNewsroom: Tell us about your association with the Srijon Foundation.

Kamalika: We set up Srijon with a vision to carry forward our cultural heritage. The focus, however, is to both promote and preserve the legacy of Rabindranath Tagore, both in Kolkata and Mumbai.

eNewsroom: What kind of survivours are you working with?

Kamalika: Artscape, is for survivours of physical and mental trauma. Our sessions aims at providing emotional support through our sessions.

eNewsroom: How do you balance your other passion –TV with Artscape?

Kamalika: The two are very different from each other and requires a lot of time management and efforts to manage effortlessly. Since I feel passionately for both, I don’t mind putting in that extra effort.

eNewsroom: Wanted to check your views on how television has changed today?

Kamalika: In these 19 years in the Television Industry I have witnessed the industry undergoing a sea of change. A number of channels and digital space opening up these days, hence a lot more work available to the actors. But, over the years, the industry has become impersonal and more demanding.

eNewsroom: We heard that you have recently shot for some serial in Rajasthan. Tell us something about it.

Kamalika: I had a great experience shooting in the deserts in Rajasthan. It is a new show for a leading Hindi Channel, but can”t share more details because of the confidentiality clause.

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