Kailash Kher: If I want to do something for next generation, I must do it now, not at the age of 60

On his birth day, July 7, singer-composer and lyricist, Kailash Kher to announce the launch of Kailash Kher Academy of Learning Arts (KKALA) and promote new talent at the third edition of Nayii Udaan.

eNewsroom: Happy Birthday to you in advance.

Kailash Kher: Thank you so much. (Smiles).

eNewsroom: So, how are you planning to celebrate your birthday, this year?

Kailash Kher: Well, as you are aware, I have been celebrating my birthday since 2017 with the launch of my dream project Nayii Udaan. The stage is set for its third edition and this year I am also going to announce the launch of Kailash Kher Academy of Learning Arts (KKALA).

eNewsroom: That is amazing. Congratulations.

Kailash Kher: Thank you.

eNewsroom: Tell us something more about KKALA

Kailash Kher: KKALA will be launched online first and it will be functional from this year for sure. I have plans to open the physical academy either in Kolkata or in Rishikesh or in both the places simultaneously. I believe that since I have decided to educate this generation – in both traditional as well as modern forms of music and performing arts – the universe will bless me in my endeavour. I am sure it has planned out everything. We might be able to foresee those plans, but they are already in motion.

eNewsroom: What will be the USP of KKALA? Have you chalked out the curriculum details et al?

Kailash Kher: At KKALA, the students will not only receive talim in music but they will also learn how to showcase their talent and let their inner confidence shine. So, besides teaching them music and honing their musical skills, we will also be grooming them, teaching them basic etiquettes, developing their personality, communication as well as presentation skills. They will learn how to speak with confidence, how to dress, handle the attention et al. They will also learn about the ways of industry. I come across so many talented musicians who fail to make a mark because they lack the above-mentioned skill-set. These are important in today’s world and lack of these skills cost them when they enter the real world. The students of my academy will not only know how to perform; compose; write and sing, but will know how to face and operate in the real world with confidence, thereby making KKALA unique.

eNewsroom: Please tell something about Nayii Udaan.

Kailash Kher: The project of Nayii Udaan is very close to my heart. I have completed 14 years in the industry and I had been nurturing this desire to promote new talents; give them the platform and the grooming that are needed to reach out to the music connoisseurs – for a long, long time now. A few years ago, I felt that if I want to do something I must do it now, not at the age of 60. I can devote my time and energy and get a good thing going – discover and promote new talents that will also benefit the music industry in the long run. That is how it was born. I have received so much from God, my fans and mankind. Nayii Udaan is my way of saying ‘Thank you’ to all of them and giving back to society and to music for believing in me and for being there for me.

eNewsroom: The first edition of Nayii Udaan was launched in 2017 on your birthday – July 7.

Kailash Kher: That’s right and till date we have launched three very talented bands – Sreekant’s Surfira, Sparsh and AR Divine. Though they have signed contracts with Kailasa Entertainment Private Limited (KEPL), it is not exclusive – that means that they can perform outside as well. When the bands are selected via Nayii Udaan, they are not only getting a platform, but they are getting our team that is grooming, mentoring and guiding them and making them understand how the field operates. Without these skills and proper knowledge about the field, young talents tend to fall prey to shrewd agents and brokers who make this a murky business.

eNewsroom: We believe that a team from KEPL goes on talent-hunt expedition for Nayii Udaan.

Kailash Kher: That is correct, but this year since we were busy with many programmes, we decided to hold an online contest. Bands were invited to send us entries via BookMyShow. The final decision will be taken by the maha judge: Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiaji and jury members comprising Hans Raj Hans. Rekha Bhardwaj and myself. The final announcement will be made on July 7. The bands will be showcasing their talent in front of the who’s who of Mumbai and a live audience.

eNewsroom: That sounds really interesting. And now the final question. When can we expect a new album from Kailasa?

Kailash Kher: (Laughs). Work on the new album is over and we are looking forward to regal our fans soon, No, make that very soon (smiles).

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