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Gujarat youth leader Jignesh Mevani attacked four times within 24 hours, election commission a mute spectator?

Vadgam/Kolkata: Jignesh Mevani, a lawyer, social activist and now a youth leader who had led the Dalit movement in Gurjat after the attack on Dalits in Una district, is contesting assembly election. He was attacked four times within 24 hours, while campaigning at Vadgaam constituency.

While Mevani has escaped unhurt during the attacks, two cars of his convey have been damaged.

Since the 37-year-old have announced to contest election, independently from Vadgam assembly constituency, sources maintain, he is getting good response from the locals. Large number of people are attending his meetings. During a roadshow, thousands of people had gathered on Monday, to hear the young gun.

Mevani, has also called opposition parties not to field any candidate against him. While Mevani, is crowdfunding to gather funds for campaigning. He has appealed to the people to generously donate money for him to fight election.

“In many villages, youth, women, and local people welcomed Mevani. After a gathering in Badalpura today, some people started tearing the posters of Mevani in the middle of the procession in the village of Takarwara,”  said a person who is campaigning with Mevani.

Immediately after this, his convoy was attacked and the glasses of one of his convey’s car were broken. Earlier, one more car had been attacked.

Watch the video filmed, after the attack



Social activist Mevani had hit the streets and raised questions about public issues before the state government. Jignesh Mevani had raised a strong voice against the attacks on youth, for employment, education, road health, electricity, water and against attacks on Dalits, and Muslims. During yesterday’s roadshow, some people attacked the convoy of Mevani in Sedrasson and Semodara villages. It was the third attack in 24 hours.

After the attacks, Mevani alleged that the attack was done on the behest of BJP. “Against the BJP candidate, I have a direct fight. I am raising anti- people policies of the BJP, which they have been practicing since the last 22 years. And after becoming a candidate and after landing in Vadgam, I exposed BJP’s fake development model. That is why instead of going to public and talking on the issues, BJP is attacking me everywhere. But, the people of Vadgam have given me a lot of support. I will continue working hard on public issues, and challenging these acts of BJP.”

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