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Jharkhand lynching victim is alive and recovering

Giridih: Jharkhand Mob lynching victim was attacked over a rumour of cow killing in Deori block of Giridih district. The victim is injured and undergoing treatment in Dhanbad. Usman, a dairy farmer, was not just lynched by a mob comprising 1000 people, but also set his house ablaze, leading to confusion whether Usman was dead or alive.

Giridih Superintendent of Police Akhilesh Variar confirmed to eNewsroom that Usman is alive. “He (Usman) is alive and recovering,” said the SP.

The timely intervention of Giridih police, saved Usman, and his family. Some family members and police also got injured in the incident. The police had to fire several rounds of bullets in the air to disperse the mob. Sources said, one attacker has also hit police bullet at his leg.

The mob lynching, now a norm in India, found another excuse on Tuesday, when the found carcass near Usman, a dairy farmer’s house. A resident of Beria haat area, in Deori. Sources reveal that one of Usman’s cow had died, which he dumped near his house on Monday. In the night, some stray animal mutilated the body of the body.

On Tuesday, when people gathered around his house and began inquiring about the dumped carcass? Usman accepted it was his animal and following which the mob announced to kill him and his family. They set ablaze his house and beaten him.

However, on receiving information, Giridih police reached on time Led by Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Ravi Shankar Vidyarthi and other police officials. The crowd pelted stone and police had to open firing to disperse the mob.

There were total ten cows at the cowshed of Usman, and rest nine were taken away by the mob during the incident.

On Wednesday, Dhanwar MLA and CPI-ML leader, Rajkumar Yadav met Usman and other injured at Central Hospitals, Coal India, Dhanbad.

It is the second incident in Giridih, where police has averted a crisis created by Gau Rakshaks. Earlier, when cows were being transported on Bengabad road, gau rakshaks had attacked the vehicle, saying that there a dead calf in the truck and that the animals were being taken to slaughter house. In the incident, local BJP MLA Jai Prakash Verma had also sat on dharna. Later, police had to fire in the air to disperse the gathering, which were prepared to attack the driver.

However, in another part of the state, victims were not so lucky. In the presence of police, seven people including a 75-year-old woman had been lynched near Jamshedpur over child lifting allegation.

Outside Jharkhand too, others are not so lucky and within a week a 15-year-old Junaid, was beaten to death inside a train compartment at Ballabhgarh. And prior to him, Zafar Khan, a social activist was lynched, surprisingly, this time by government officials in Rajasthan.

The Giridih and Gandey unit of CPI-ML leaders led by Rajesh Sinha and Rajesh Yadav, hold protest marches today over Deori incident at Giridih headquarters.

While the former CPI-ML MLA Vinod Singh demanded compensation from government for Usman and his family. He also appealed to people not to become part of mob and restrain themselves in such situation.

Because of the rise of lynching incidents specially against minorities, on Eid, large number of Muslims across India, had sported black bands as a sign of protest.

Today, a campaign Not In My Name is being conducted in many cities, including Delhi, Kolkata, Lukhnow against the ongoing lynching of Muslims and Dalits on mere suspicion of eating beef or involve in cattle trade.

Shahnawaz Akhtar

is Founder of eNewsroom. He loves doing human interest, political and environment related stories.

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