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India is the most corrupt country in Asia—Forbes

Kolkata: The Narendra Modi led Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) government which has two consecutive bad or negative news, as far as India’s economy is concerned —return of 99 per cent demonetized notes to banking system, and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) going down to its lowest in June.  Now the third bad news is that now the world’s most reputed business magazine Forbes has tweeted that India is Asia’s most corrupt country.

However, the magazine had first done this story in March itself. But it was seen sharing it once again, today.  The ranking is based on a survey conducted by Transparency International. But, this time, the story is getting huge attention and within seven hours, it has been retweeted over four thousand times.

The Transperancy International had conducted the 18 month long survey by sampling more than 20000 people across 16 countries.

Forbes list of 5 most corrupt Asian countries include Mayanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, and Vietnam, while India tops the list. Pakistan stands as the fourth most corrupt countries.

The magazine, also shared Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s picture, addressing from Red Fort.

The report also carries bribe rate in all the top five nations mentioned in the story. India’s bribe rate is 69 per cent, which is the highest.

Speaking on, India getting the most corrupt nation (in Asia) tag, well-known economist Mohan Guruswamy told eNewsroom, “It could very well be. A good part of the Modi government was that it will fight corruption. It now seems to be only perpetuating the crony system.”

The timing of Forbes’ tweet is also interesting, as few days back anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare has announced that he will be sitting on dharna again, in January 2018, as the present government is yet to appoint the Lokpal and many other ombudsman, a must haves in Jan Lokpal of Citizen Ombudsman Bill.

On Wednesday, central bank of India—RBI also revealed that 99 percent of demonetized money has been returned to the bank.

While on Thursday, the quarter one GDP stood as low as 5.7 per cent, which is the lowest in Modi as Prime Minister of India. The three coupled together has sent a shock wave across India.

This translates to China continuing to top the GDP tab. In March, India’s GDP has slipped to 6.1 per cent unlike China, which had still witnessed a 6.9 per cent growth rate.

Shahnawaz Akhtar

is Founder of eNewsroom. He loves doing human interest, political and environment related stories.

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