From Everyday Jobs to Extraordinary Futures: How Urooj Made It Happen

Thirty two students from humble background clear NEET 2023 with the help of Urooj, celebrate medical dreams

Kolkata: Three years ago, amidst the fast-paced hustle of Blinkit, grocery deliveries zipped past Mohammed Iqbal. But on Sunday, in a Kolkata school auditorium, a stethoscope draped around his neck marked a stark contrast to his past – a future doctor stood ready to embark on a new journey.

“In 2021, I was an auditor for Blinkit. I have to visit Blinkit stores and check their qualities,” Iqbal, now a student of Bachelor in Dental Studies (BDS) at Burdwan, reminisced. “My father ran a small clothing shop. Juggling studies and supporting my family, NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) coaching seemed like a distant dream. That’s when I found Urooj.”

Urooj Institute, recognizing Ahmed’s financial constraints and demanding work schedule, extended a helping hand. Dr Minhjuddin Khurram, the institute’s anchor man, vividly recalled their first meeting, 

“He came in wearing a Blinkit t-shirt. We understood his situation – he couldn’t afford coaching while working in a job where he has to be mobile most of the time. So, we helped him secure a librarian job, allowing him to study for NEET while earning an income.”

doctors neet 2023 bengal medical colleges student
Teacher Amrendra Kumar (face not visible) and Dr Minhajuddin Khurram hug each other during the felicitation | eNewsroom

This act of support and understanding proved crucial. With renewed focus and dedication, Ahmed aced the exam on his second attempt. Now, he sets his sights even higher, aiming for an MBBS seat next time.

Similar struggles resonated in the story of Sarfaraz, a former freelance video editor. “My father, a primary school teacher who started working late in life, couldn’t afford luxuries,” Raiyan, now a BDS student, shared. “To support myself, I did video editing. Urooj’s guidance proved invaluable, helping me score 569 marks in NEET 2023.” Like Ahmed, Raiyan plans to retake the exam to improve his rank and qualify for an MBBS seat.

Ashraf, whose father owns a paan shop, and Shenaz, daughter of a bus driver who fell short of an MBBS seat by just one mark in 2022, were among the 32 Urooj students celebrated by renowned practicing doctors in Kolkata. 

The evening buzzed with stories of resilience and triumph, each one a testament to the transformative power of opportunity.

doctors neet 2023 bengal medical colleges student
Urooj’s students with the felicitating doctors | eNewsroom

Urooj also recognized its partners, including Headmaster Mohammed Alamgir of MD High School. His words resonated throughout the hall, “The government invests heavily in each doctor’s education – crores of rupees, funded by taxpayer money. So, if you studied at a government medical college, remember your responsibility to serve the public. Don’t think your success solely relies on you and your parents’ hard work. Society plays a vital role through taxes.”

Several doctors echoed Alamgir’s sentiment, urging the newcomers to pay it forward by helping others pursue their medical dreams, just like Urooj helped them. 

On the occasion, Urooj also honoured three of its teachers- Md Irshad, Amrendra Kumar and Nadim Haider.

Abdullah Amir of Helping Hand Trust told the medical students about the butterfly effect and that every small work matters.

Dr Jawera Mehreen reminded the students, “In Palestine, doctors are true heroes. Remember, you have to serve the humanity wherever you will be.”

These 32 young individuals, embarking on their journeys as future doctors, represent not just personal triumphs but testaments to the power of collective support and dedication. As they step into the white coats, a shared commitment to serve humanity unites them, a promise whispered in the echoes of their past struggles and fueled by the unwavering support they received.

Last year, 22 students of Urooj, most of them from humble background had cleared NEET 2022.


The names of the students have been changed on their requests.

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