Bear-Human Conflicts On Rise In Bengal

Kolkata: Recently, bears have been spotted at several houses in many districts in West Bengal. The incidents further alarm us about the man-animal conflicts taking place across the world because of the lessening of the inhabitants of wildlife animals.

If wild bears are venturing into human’s houses in Bengal, it is the herd of wild elephants doing similar in many cities in Jharkhand. Which led to damage of properties and on some occasions killing of villagers too.

Because of the man-animal conflicts, whether it is animals getting killed or caught while venturing into the concrete jungle or it is humans who get hurt or killed by the wild predators, it is the loss of nature and mankind.

We need to learn and adapt, how to co-exist with mother nature and its inhabitants. Then only we will be able to leave a better place for coming generations.

And it is not just the people, but governments and authorities should take necessary measures to help humans and animals live together.

The incidents also tell us about the climate crisis, which has been talked about a lot at international conferences, but a lot more needed to be done.

Watch our one-minute video story on the one of the most urgent issues of mankind, ‘man-animal conflicts.’

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