Arvind Kejriwal, stand up for the right causes, once again, like you did long time ago

Darshan Mondkar, a political commentator writes after watching Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's speech on Wednesday, do not try to play Prashant Kishore style of Chota Fanta Lite politics with Modi and BJP,they invented it, mastered it and upgraded it

Dear Arvind Kejriwal,

Yesterday, after quite some time I saw a sober, sensible and most importantly a sensitive Kejriwal back on the TV when I saw you address the people of Delhi (and the rest of us).

You were humble and you sounded sincere. You acknowledged the problem and you pledged to find a solution.

So, the pandemic is going a bit out of hand for Delhi, it was expected, Delhi is not Lucknow. We understand the dynamics.

So, you couldn’t anticipate the extent of the spread. Theek hai. All is not lost.  There is time to pull your socks up and recover..

But the main thing is accepting it and you did it.

And that’s how it should be. Anyone can make a mistake.

We all know you are fallible, like every other human being. It’s okay, hota hai.

Trust me, other than your die hard social media fans, who would defend your mistakes till their last breath, everyone else understands that you are not God.

So your speech was really well received  (at least by me).

Post your electoral victory and especially during the last week, it was a very different Kejriwal (at least publicly) that I was noticing and it was not the Kejriwal who rose to power in 2014 promising a change in the methodology of governance.

Despite the good work on education and health care that you did, you chose to play the Chota Fanta Lite cards during the 2019 elections, I understand that, it’s politics and you have a vote bank to woo.

But after winning the elections with a huge margin, you were still found pussy-footing around the Shaheen Bagh issue and sticking your head in the sand of the CAA-NRC-NRP hoo-haa, not to mention a complete non-committal stand on the Delhi riots where many lost their lives.

Maybe it was the “Prashant Kishore” brand of politics that you were trying to play, but it was definitely not what had got you where you are in the first place – the actual on-ground activism.

And then in the last week you came out with the completely ridiculous and unconstitutional, and to add inhuman, diktat of throwing all non-Delhi residents under your red line bus if they happen to fall ill while visiting Delhi…. Ugh!!!

Listen, we all know that you and Modi are not the best buddies, but you know what? None of the other CMs of Non-BJP states are.

We know that Delhi is not getting sufficient funds from the Center during this pandemic, but Modi is not showering those microchip laden notes of his on the other Non-BJP states either.

While most of the States, nay all States, are busy fighting the pandemic, Modi Sarkar has been busy….

  •  Toppling the Congress government in Madhya Pradesh
  • Trying to topple the MahaVikas Aghadi government in Maharashtra
  • Trying to create an edge into West Bengal even while they had a cyclone to deal with
  • Attempting to buy MLAs in Rajasthan
  • Tempting and trading on the ‘Parliamentary Stock Exchange’ trying to get an upper hand on those Rajya Sabha seats
  • Conducting digital rallies with 75000 LED screens in Bihar

So if you want to sit around a cry thinking “Oh Why Me?”….. Wake up, It’s Not Just You.

Now, look into the mirror, slap yourself a couple of times (gently of course) and get your act back in shape.

Do not try to play Prashant Kishore style of Chota Fanta Lite politics with Modi and BJP, they invented it, mastered it and upgraded it.

You cannot outplay them in that, if you don’t believe me, ask Congress, they tried, didn’t work.

You have risen to power on the promises of good governance. You have people like Sisodia and Atishi with you. They are not politicians, they are Administrators.

So do what you can do the best.

Leave the politics to BJP. Do your governance. That’s the best thing you can do.

Meanwhile, you have created a feeling of mistrust in the minds of many people (about you) and lost the trust of quite a few.

Get your muffler (scarf) back out of your cupboard  and win them back. By clean and good governance.

Stand up for the right causes, once again, like you did a long time ago.

Convince the people that you have their back, and when the need arises, people will have your back too.

I am not sure if you would ever read this, but if you do, I hope you try to understand what is being said here.


Not an AAP Bhakt, Not a Kejriwal Bhakt

Just someone who wants to see ‘good leaders’ rise up on the Indian political scenario.

Disclaimer: Never try to wrestle with a pig in a pile, a gutter, you get a load of crap on yourself, and the pig not only enjoys the fight but beats you too, because he has a Master’s Degree in Entire Gutter Wrestling.


Opinion expressed here are author’s personal one

Darshan Mondkar

runs a manufacturing MSME, and loves narrating tales which turn the political and social into the personal. He is especially known for his disclaimers.

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