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Whether it is blood or colour it is yet to be determined- Dilip Ghosh on Aishe’s bleeding head

Kolkata: The day Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone reached Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU) and met injured Aishe Ghosh, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state president Dilip Ghosh, of Bengal chapter, mired controversy by alleging that the blood oozing out of her head is yet to be determined as blood or colour.

Ghosh had called a press conference to talk about All India Workers’ strike, called by Left Front, political developments in Bengal among others, but it is the JNU violence that he talked of his own.

“Whether it is blood or colour it is yet to be determined. It was completely pre-planned and the truth is also yet to come out. The proxy unit who attacked the students of JNU were given shelter by the students itself,” alleged Ghosh.

“The fight took place because SFI was not allowing students to register for admission. They (SFI) had compromised with the CCTV cameras and other security breaches had been done. The JNU violence was pre-planned, else why would opposition leaders reach JNU so fast.” On being asked about the laxity of the Delhi Police, he said, “Home Minister has issued a statement, Delhi Police has taken up its responsibility and is doing its needful. And why only JNU, what about those who attacked our Minister at JU, why no FIR has been registered against him?”

The response of Bengal BJP’s state president was shocking, as it was on record, with video footages clearly showing how masked goons attacked Aishe, the JNUSU president and how a bleeding Aishe was, later taken to hospital and got 16 stitches.

Reacting to Ghosh’s comment on JNU incident, TMC secretary-general and state education minister Partha Chatterjee said that the BJP state president should be ‘Human’ and stand beside the affected student.

“Dilip Ghosh should show some humanity. He should not just comment so harshly on anything and everything. Ghosh’s comment shows that the saffron camp is a very vindictive party,” said Chatterjee.

Reacting strongly to Ghosh’s comments, former CPI (M) MP Samik Lahiri said, “When such comments come out of the mouth of none other than the chief of the state wing of a party then one has to believe that the attack was pre-planned.”

Taking part in a rally against the inhuman incident in JNU, Kritika Roy, a friend of Aishe Ghosh and a student of JNU said that no one should fall into the BJP trap and also that the students will fight the tyrant rule of BJP government.

“Aishe is a fighter. Even after getting 16 stitches, she spoke of fighting back. The student community will show BJP what they deserve. Everyone should unite to fight the BJP misrule in India and their vindictive politics,” urged Roy.

Bengali filmmaker Anik Dutta, who participated in the students’ rally said, “Every student has the right to protest. Similarly, every individual filmmaker also has the right to make films on any topic. Both BJP and the TMC government due to their own agendas is killing the basic rights of the people. I have a daughter who is also a student and stays in Mumbai. What will happen if such violence happens with her? So, I completely support the students’ rally against the BJP.”

Chandan Sen, Bengali actor, on the other hand, felt that Dilip Ghosh has completely lost his senses and doesn’t know what he is saying in context with the JNU incident.

“Playing politics is the right of every political party but unnecessarily politicizing an inhuman act is very derogatory. Being the head of BJP in Bengal, Ghosh should be more mature in saying things. The entire country saw the violence that took place in several universities including JNU. How can anyone say that it’s not blood but colour?” asked Sen.

BJP leaders inhuman attitude is not new. Few days back, Babul Supriyo, BJP Minister and MP from Asansol, while responding to a simple Facebook post of a Muslim student, had said that he (the student) will be sent back to his country.

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