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A book that talks a lot about PM Modi and his government

The Rise of NaMo and New India, answers every question about ‘NaMo’. It maintains that social life and political life are different things – a politician cannot be measured merely in terms of moral values

As the people of India have developed a strong sense of unity, integrity, possibilities and self-reliance under Modiji’s governance, the book aims to cover this change and also the changes that have taken place in various fields along with politics between the years 2014 and 2020. The book about the illustrious Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been penned in the form of prose and poetry which makes it different from consistent writings.

‘The Rise of NaMo and New India’ accurately reflects public opinion and the socio-political changes during the reign of Modi government and includes a brief biography of PM Narendra Modi. This book can answer every question about ‘NaMo’, a name synonymous with ‘victory’ and ‘possibility’ as it charts India’s 7-year history of his rule. It maintains that social life and political life are different things – a politician cannot be measured merely in terms of moral values. If someone is too good, they will not make a good premier. However, a nationalist can make a good Prime Minister.

The Rise of NaMo and New India is a unique book on politics, as it is divided into two sections: the first part is written in prose, and the second mostly in verse. The book opens with a prayer of invocation for divine guidance; then it casts light on election campaigns in 2014 and 2019, reflecting the socio-political changes between the years 2014 and 2020, echoing public opinion and drawing a distinction between the political parties.

The second section includes a brief biography of PM Narendra Modi, talks in detail about his schemes, about the laws introduced and reformed by his government and about his unquenchable thirst for development and reconstruction of the country. It briefly surveys the spread of Coronavirus, features the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for the grand Ram temple, discusses Sino-India border conflict and explains certain new laws. One of its sub-sections contains a group of poems commemorating a few of our great fathers and their unique contributions; another one crystallizes our lasting problems.

PM Narendra Modi has not only enjoyed huge popularity with the voters but he has overtaken almost all contemporary politicians of the world in popularity. India is a big country with a population of nearly one and half billion and with cultural diversity and ethnic differences. One can imagine how difficult it would be to reform the law and society of such a country. It is PM Modi who undertook this risky task of bringing about radical reforms. His government has dealt with several complex and sensitive issues. China and Pakistan used to hold India up to ridicule; now they have known what it is like to challenge it to a war. The Modi government has kindled national consciousness in people and their enthusiasm for manufacturing and self-reliance. It has worked to the advantages of workers, of farmers and of producers, discouraging money launders and tax dodgers. Infrastructure expansion projects and clean-India movement have changed the look of the country. The Modi government defines a job as a piece of work that someone does to earn their living and to contribute to the economy rather than an opportunity to enjoy privileges. ‘The Rise of NaMo and New India’ charts India’s 7-year history of NDA rule, covering all these developments that the country witnessed between these many years.

200 pages long book ‘The Rise of NaMo and New India’ is a collection of close-up shots taken at a man of humble birth turned politician, at what gained him the popularity which has ever been a day dream for great politicians, at why he is considered to be the tower of strength to the countrymen, at why he stands head and shoulders above all and at why his name is synonymous with victory and possibility. The book is also a comparative analysis of different party lines and a thorough piece of work, covering all important aspects of PM Modi’s diplomacy and policies and the political fray and various events that took place after he entered the national politics. Notwithstanding the fact that the book talks a lot about PM Modi and his government, it also provides a revealing insight into the world of politics and into the political conundrum.

Published by Highbrow Scribes Publications, New Delhi ‘The Rise of NaMo and New India’ has been authored by Ramesh Chandra Tiwari.

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