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Mr India 2017, is son of Indo-Pak War veteran

Jaipur: The journey of being crowned Mr India 2017 was definitely not an easy job for 26-year-old Kamil Khan. Kamil Khan, was not only an underweight, weighing as little as 50kg but also English oratory skill was a bit rusty.

“I had scored only 33 in English for my higher secondary examination. My biggest challenge was to brush up my English. Not only did I master the language but also went on to do my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Customer Relations,” said Kamil over phone from Jodhpur to eNewsroom.

Kamil, is a resident of Nua village in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. “Three years back, I decided to participate for this contest, and started preparing for Mr India. Back then, my weight was only 50 kgs. So I worked really hard to gain weight and then build a well sculpted body that looked good,” he said.

“But my challenges did not end there. I was bothered about my height. I feared that because of it, not all type of apparels would look good on me during the pageant,” said Khan, who has a towering height of 6 feet 4 inches.

Kamil, is now the managing director of an institute that he runs and has achieved everything he had ever wanted. “That’s because, I never gave up,” he claims.  Kamil, learns from life and also a like reading.

The competition, was indeed tough, there were models participating from 70 Indian cities during the audition.

With 51 jurists for the event, which included Bollywood stalwarts and fashion icons like filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar and Ranvijay Singh. For the final rounds, there were 30 finalists to compete with for Kamil.

“I was asked about my hobby. My answer was, that I love cooking. Immediately, came the next question, posed by another jury member, which was, what would I do after winning the Mr India title?” recounted Kamil, as he described question and answer round in detail.

“I want to do something for society, and since I come from a village, where poor students could not get good education, so I want to open many schools for them,” was my answer. When they again posed a bouncer, asking if he would open a restaurant, as he loved cooking, the lad replied, “I would like to open schools. As restaurant doesn’t need big investment, but a good school requires lots of resources to be chipped in,” Kamil mentioned.

The Mr India 2017 is also proud about his father, who is a Indo-Pak war veteran.

“My father, Shabbir Khan had fought the India-Pakistan war in 1972. The Pakistani army had also held him captive for a year,” informed Kamil, who has done National Cadet Course (NCC) also.

“After being released by Pakistan, my father was never the same. His mental condition had deteriorated, so he wanted to come back home and left the job. He is a fighter and I have learnt a lot from him.”

Kalim, revealed that his father doesn’t get any pension. He said, “I am requesting the Indian Army and Government of India to start giving him his pension as soon as possible.”

Shahnawaz Akhtar

is Founder of eNewsroom. He loves doing human interest, political and environment related stories.

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