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To Mainstream Ten Thousands Madrasa students, Shaheen reaches Bengal

Video Inside: Shaheen Group of Institutions, which tied up with 58 educational centres across India, aims to help 10000 Madrasa students including Huffaz to pass out 10th boards in one and half year. Chairman Dr Abdul Qadeer was in Kolkata to identify such students from Bengal

Kolkata: For long Islamic education system in India— the Madrasas have been targeted by people with vested interest. The issue has been politicized so much that often the right-wing government as well as their leaders want to shut them down. However, there is a section of people from the Muslim community who also feel that there should be change in the syllabus of the traditional Madrasa education system.

Some institutions have already made changes in their syllabus.

Shaheen Group of Institutions, a Bidar-based (Karnataka) education organization has designed an integrated course – Hifzul Quran Plus, which has been operating since 12 years. Once enrolled, one can become a Hafiz ( a person who memorises the Quran) as well as study mainstream subjects. Shaheen Group has not just helped several students become Hafiz, but has also guided many of them to clear the toughest examinations like NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) who got admission in several premier government medical colleges across India.

Madrasa Plus Movement

Now, the educational group has set an aim to help 10000 Madrasa students including 5000 huffaz (who are dropouts) to clear the 10th board examination. Madrasa drop outs mean that Hafiz, who left the madrasa after memorizing the Quran. It will also cover those, who are continuing their madrasa education. The programme has been named as Madrasa Plus Movement.

“The selected students will be kept in different madrasas (58 so far) across India. In the major madrasa centres, we have around hundred students. Our trained teachers will train them for 18 months to make them eligible to appear in National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS)’s 10th examination. The medium of education and exam remains Urdu,” informed Founder and Chairman, Shaheen Group Dr Abdul Qadeer to eNewsroom.

Dr Abdul Qadeer has been recently felicitated with Gowda Award (state level award) for his extraordinary contribution to the field of education.

He continued: “We want madrasas to host at least a hundred students, take care of their lodging and fooding, while we provide teachers and arrange their salaries. So far, six different organizations have agreed to sponsor the teachers.”

Watch the video: Dr Abdul Qadeer talks about Madrasa Plus Movement in Kolkata

Five hundred students target from Bengal

Dr Qadeer further said, “We want 500 Madrasa students from Bengal to get enrolled. There are two centres in the state, which will train Bengali-speaking students, and Urdu-speaking will be trained outside the state, where we have collaborated with other madrasas.”

The chairman also met well-known people of the Muslim community in Kolkata and sought their help in getting the students from the state.

What is an AICU of Shaheen?

The Academic Intensive Care Unit (AICU), designed by Shaheen Group has a one each to six, teacher and student ratio.

“Every student has different requirements and speed of grasping things. We teach them accordingly. We first start with the basics. Then we help them master mathematics and English. There is a bridge course for those interested in science subjects.

There are two madrasas selected where girl students will stay and get training under the AICU system.

Dr Qadeer also mentioned that after clearing 10th, such students can pursue education, be it higher secondary or any professional course of their choice.

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