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Bangla Pokkho calls for non-cooperation movement to fight back BJP’s atrocities

Kolkata: At a time when the entire state is burning under several political furores over National Register for Citizenship (NRC) and Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), Bangla Pokkho, a non-governmental organisation hit the streets to protest against the implementation of NRC in West Bengal.

At Hazra More, Probir Roy, a member of Bangla Pokkho said that the BJP unlawfully had passed CAB in the parliament to break the unity of Hindus and Muslims.

“No matter how much the BJP tries to break the backbone of the two communities they will fail in accomplishing their dreams. BJP is the most undemocratic party and the Bengalis are ready to fight back the atrocities of the saffron camp,” said Roy.

Kaushik Maity, another member of the organization said Bengal will not be broken along religious lines. If needed we will hit the streets more often to ensure security for the minorities in the state.

“Citizenship Amendment Bill is a farce. After coming to power with a huge majority now the BJP is not bothered about the common people. The BJP is claiming that they are a party for the Hindus but the truth is even the Hindus will be heckled if NRC is implemented in the country. Aged people cannot show the identity proof even if they are Hindus, they will be detained in the detention camp,” stated Maity.

He also said that those Bengalis whose ancestors are from West Bengal but has no birth certificate will also be deprived of citizenship.

“Muslims, who are in West Bengal generation after generation has every right to be called Indian. Hindu Bengalis those are ‘Ghotis’, whose ancestors are from West Bengal will also be deprived along with those who came in West Bengal after the partition of Bengal. It is time that calls for Hindus and Muslims to stand united together,” mentioned Maity.

Khisti Paramanik of Bangla Pokkho mentioned that all the members of the organization are ready to fight back the BJP and also that if necessary they are prepared to shed blood to buy freedom from BJP.

“After the British, it is time to win back our freedom again but from the communal party called BJP. The members of Bangla Pokkho are ready to shed blood and die if necessary. We will not show any documents to BJP and RSS cadres. Both NRC and CAB are baseless and are anti-Bengal and Bengalis. So, no Bengalis should cooperate with the BJP. Bengal and India are our motherland and no one can take away that right from any Bengalis be it Hindu or Muslim,” said Paramanik.

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