Bengal, sitting on a tinder box? A sting operation blows the lid off riots plan

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Kolkata: Babri Masjid and Ram Mandir nirmaan has always been a big tool for electoral gains for the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) ever since the demolition of Babri Masjid took place in 1992. With election round the corner, once again this topic is making a comeback in the main discourse. However, this time, the saffron brigade is targeting to use this policy, not in the Hindi heartland but in West Bengal, which has always been a tolerant state. According to a string operation, district level BJP leaders of Bengal are doing their bit to make India hear the demand of building the Ram Mandir coming from Bengal. And for this, riots may also get conducted in the state.

A number of rallies are set to be organized at various venues across Bengal, by the Right-wing affiliate organizations, in order to complete their plan. According to the operation, attempts will be made to spew venom in every single district of Bengal, with an agenda of dividing the two communities. News channels like Zee News has already informed its viewers that rallies will be organized.

Social activist Soibal Dasgupta, who has stayed in the RSS camp as a cadre and has even been part of its IT cell, began interacting with some of the lower rank cadres to get some dopes about the intention with which the rallies were being organized. Being aware of the modus operandi of the RSS shakhas and their agenda, Soibal had got hints that some plans are being made in this regard.

It wasn’t very difficult for Soibal to get talking with the members, who took him as the personal secretary of their leader Giriraj Singh. They revealed to him almost all the information regarding the rallies.

west bengal saffron brigade bjp riots
A screenshot of the mail that Nitesh Kumar, sent to the mail id (provided by Soibal) of Giriraj Singh

Soibal had played a pivotal role in foiling the plans of the mischief-makers from triggering riots during the Durga Puja immersion last year. According to him, back then, BJP and its allies had chalked out a huge plan for a communal riot but he after knowing the plan had written about it in a number of newspapers like the National Herald and more forcing the state administration and Police to be on red alert.

And this time too, Soibal’s sting operation, has managed to blow the lid off their plan of executing communal riots across Bengal in an organized way during Janmashtami festival.

In the sting, Nitesh Kumar Singh, general secretary of BJP, Howrah Mandal I had mailed (the fake account, provided by Soibal) to a top party leader the detailed planning of the rally that would take place on September 2. The rally is scheduled to start from Krishna Math and end at Howrah Station. Singh is one of the organizers of the rally. He clearly mentioned in the mail (which we have shared in the story) that he has got permission to organize the rally from the administration and that this rally would pass through a few Muslim localities. His mail makes it evident that this religious rally, like many organized earlier, would be used as an agent to spread hate and flare up communal unrest, which would eventually lead to riots.

A report in this regard has been published in a news portal—Bengal Report, in two parts on August 19 and 21.

west bengal saffron brigade bjp riots
A screenshot of the chat between Soibal and Nitesh

After interviewing Nitesh Kumar, Manoj Tewari and other members of the Saffron brigade, Soibal learnt that areas like Metiaburuz of Kolkata, Balarampur of Purulia, Uluberia,Howrah’s Ward 31 and 36, Baruipur (South 24 Pargana), and Kandi, Berhampur (Murshidabad) have been selected to incite communal riots on September 2.

“They have deliberately chosen September 2, the day of Janmashtami as the day for fueling communal riot across Bengal, just like they did during Ramnavami and Hanuman Jayanti,” said Soibal, while speaking to eNewsroom.

According to Soibal, Tewari called and shared the detailed information of the riots that they had planned during Janmashthami celebration.

Soibal maintains that Tewari, taking his alibi as someone in a powerful position in the saffron brigade, stated that the rally would cover Muslim areas. “They won’t be doing anything. If they do then we will beat them. Muslims are inflicting atrocities on us in Purulia as we want to build Ram Mandir,” Tewari told to Soibal.

west bengal saffron brigade bjp riots
A screen shot of Manoj Tewari’s statement to Soibal

Tewari also claimed, “If Police had not intervened then we would have eliminated Muslim community completely.”  

west bengal saffron brigade bjp riots
Screenshot of Manoj Tewary’s confession to Soibal


In view of the proposed riots, Soibal, who has shared the details with some government officials, has demanded the withdrawal of permission to hold Janmashtami procession permission from Bengal police.

However, when eNewsroom contacted Dilip Ghosh, the state president of BJP, he straight away denied knowing any of the men mentioned by Soibal. “I do not know either Nitesh Kumar Singh or Manoj Tewari,” said Ghosh.




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