Video story: Rajasthan’s lesbian couple defies all odds to live together

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Jaipur: Ajmer residents where in for a shocked on Friday when two girls in their twenties approached Rajasthan Police, seeking protection from their families. The young girls declared their love for each other before the police and sought protection from their parents, who were against their same-sex relationship.

The girls have known each other for almost four years.

The couple claimed that they are independent and earning enough to live together. They now do not need their respective family to support them. One of the girl also made it clear that her family has no issue with her being in a same-sex relation.

Watch the video story of the bold couple from Ajmer, Rajasthan:



Ajmer police has extended its support to the much-in-love couple and have asked the parents to not disturb the peace of mind of the couple.

Only time will be able to tell if this couple will be able to live in peace in Rajasthan, which is known for its patriarchal society.


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